Why Do Bowling Balls Crack and How to Fix a Cracked Bowling Ball 2

Why Do Bowling Balls Crack and How to Fix a Cracked Bowling Ball?

Imagine getting a supreme quality brand new ball for your bowling profession, and it is showing marks of different breakage and cracking after few games due to different reason. Now, handling this kind situation would be disappointing if you are unaware of the solution to it and don’t know what to do exactly. Now in this situation, you must be thinking what can make them appear cracked and how to repair or fix those bowling balls. If you are facing the exact case, then you are in the correct place due to the fact that it is precisely what I’m here to let you know. In this article, I’m going to talk about the endurance of bowling ball, executing a game with a cracked ball, factors influencing it and how to restore cracked bowling balls. Make sure, you give a good read to this article down the line if you actually want to have your ball fixed without buying a new one.

Endurance of Bowling Ball

Bowling balls are created to withstand the continuous throws and effect of bowling pin and lanes, in such a way that they are having a good endurance for an ultimate usage.
If a ball is perfectly managed and maintained, it can then stay for almost 6-10 years, depending upon the quality, price and texture of it. However, it certainly depends on the production house of bowling balls also. When it comes to endurance of a bowling ball, there are various standards of endurance in bowling balls. These standards rely upon precisely what type of cover stock we are having for the manufacture of a bowling ball.
If we talk about plastic balls, these are less persistent than those of urethane balls mostly. And other materials of cover stock that is comprised of particle and reactive resin are also less stable as compare to the urethane bowling balls. So, if you attain a correct ball for yourself, you are then not required to worry more about the endurance and the cracks. However, there is still a chance that your ball might appears with a mark of cracking.

What Causes Bowling Ball Crack

Bowling balls can certainly get damage, not too often, however they get crack. Even the highest enduring balls might end up damaging sometimes. And there are different causes connected to the cracking of bowling balls. So, let’s have a brief look at the crucial ways and causes bowling balls can get damage.

Harsh Throwing

Handling ball in an incorrect way is a cause for the cracking and damaging of a bowling ball. Rather than adequately delivering the bowling ball as it is framed to be delivered across the bowling lane, you might be delivering it accidentally somewhere or too high; these types of ways can ultimately cause damage and cracks in order to introduce them on a bowling lane.

Drastic Temperatures

like other stuffs and materials, bowling balls are extremely exposed to drastic temperatures or conditions as well. If you ever put your bowling ball in a temperature of extremely cold or hot surroundings, the extension or contraction might result in cracks on the outer covering of a bowling ball.

Termination of Longevity of Bowling Ball

As we all know bowling balls are not expected to stay for a long time. They usually appear with a life time of almost 5-10 years roughly, and on the hand if you have looked after your bowling ball precisely, it is attainable that after almost 10 years, the ball will start showing marks of damage that you will not be capable of dealing with. Sometimes mishandling or incorrect positioning of bowling balls can also cause cracking. Make it very sure that you are very conscious about your ball even if you are drilling your holes. Keep it in your mind while drilling holes that the holes are 1 inch apart from the pin and also that you are not utilizing the dull bits if drilling at faster pace.


Moisture and dampness are generally both very powerful factors that have a strong impact on the bowling ball. If you open up your bowling ball to a considerable amount of moisture or water, it will then soak up the whole moisture and end up appearing as cracked or unusable. However, unluckily these damages can be a biggest challenge to establish as well, so you are required to stay as much away as possible from the humidity when you are having ball with you.

Is it Feasible to Fix Damaged Bowling Ball?

Mostly cracked balls are not irrecoverable. If you see your bowling ball is damaged or cracked, do not think like it is the end of endurance of your
bowling ball that you have had a good time with while playing and enjoying with it. Repairing balls with damages and cracks is an execution that has become famous with the passage of time, however, in reality it relies upon the longevity of damage of a bowling ball. In case if there are few little chips on bowling ball, then repairing and fixing the ball would be quite easy. You can also do it all by yourself at your home. And in the same way if the cracks are observable and average, you can also repair the bowling ball still, however, it might need more equipment and better skills to bring it to the point of regularity. But if the cracks are in a larger amount and do not look like repairable, then you should avoid fixing the ball by yourself. Because, then you would end up wasting a considerable amount of expenses and time on the ball, rather than doing that, spend another better amount of money in order to purchase a new ball, replace the previous one with the new one and then take good care of the ball in order to protect it from the crack.

Is it Possible to Execute a Game with a Cracked Ball

This question arises almost every time if you can play with the damaged or cracked bowling ball or not. In reality, the answer to this question is no you cannot really play with it in order to have accuracy. Yes, it could be possible under different circumstances. These kinds of balls will not permit you to have command of the motion of bowling ball. So, no matter if you are choosing a straight shot or a hook shot, you will probably not have the outcomes that you are expecting from your ball. Not only the overall experience would be bad, however, it would be bad for the bowling lane as well. Additionally, the damage might destroy the surface of bowling lane and hence cause issues for the lane. So, it is immensely advised that you instantly stop your game in case if you see any cracks and change it until the cracks are fixed and are not annoying for the lane anymore.

What is an Ideal Approach to Repair Cracked Bowling Balls

Here is a brief guide on how to repair a damaged bowling ball in order to make you understand the technical way of repairing a ball, in such a way that you do not encounter any issue while doing the process.

Collecting Tools

Gathering equipment that is required for the whole process is always an initial step while starting any DIY kind of project. But certainly, that is also important for fixing the damaged bowling balls. There not different kind of equipment that you are going to have and these are listed below:

  • Sanding Paper
  • Bowling Cup
  • Ball
  • Sealing Material
  • Sanding Paper

Utilizing Sealing Material

A sealing material is generally a liquid material, that comprise of resin made of plastic, that is employed in the cracks of bowling ball and utilized to fill up them. But it is not utilized separately.
These materials come in a kit, and they are followed up by accelerators that are used to assist in hardening the seals on the cracks of bowling ball and are used by mixing both of them together.

Sanding the Ball

After applying the sealing material, it’s time to look upon the chips that are present on the surface of bowling ball. To handle this issue, place the ball over the cup and fix it properly on it. Pick up the sanding paper and with the help of it sand the entire surface of ball in order to remove all the chips while making the surface of ball even. Utilize a cloth to clean the dust or grit that comes due to the sanding.

Polishing/Brushing Up the Ball

The last but most important step is to keep the color and shine of a ball by polishing it. Certainly, you can maintain the ball this way by keeping on the bowling cup. Pick up your polish and make sure to conceal every inch of the bowling ball equally with the spray. Now place it in a dry and cool area, and you will see an all-new ball.

Final Considerations

Cracked or damaged bowling balls can be very much heartbreaking, specifically if the ball that got damage was your most favorite one, however, there are multiple approaches that you can utilize to repair these cracked balls, so stop getting tensed. Rather, make sure you use the tips tricks that we have given you already in the article in order to fix your bowling ball perfectly and also that you can play again with it on the bowling lane. I really hope you have a really nice bowling profession for the future.


What is the ground of bowling ball crack?

A bowling ball is generally a heavy and dense kind of object and when the bowling ball is positioned on a ground, the ultimate weight of it is bearing down on one little point of the ball. This can somehow be a cause of crack because of the strain.

Why a bowling ball would rupture in half?

The cover stock and core of a bowling ball are created to contract and then expand due to the change in temperature. Severe heat and cold can cause a bowling ball crack. Changes of phase is a chemical reaction that makes the ball alter it’s color.

Can a bowler still utilize a cracked ball for a game?

It depends on the nature of damage that has happened to the ball, if it has intense cracks in it, then you should buy a new ball that is worth saving rather than fixing it and spending a lot of money. And if it is not too deep, then go for the fixing instead of spending money on a new ball.

What Causes Bowling Balls to Crack

Does your bowling ball have a crack? Then you should know the causes of this cracking. There are several reasons which cause to crack a bowling ball.

  • Harsh Throwing
  • Drastic Temperatures
  • Termination of Longevity of Bowling Ball
  • Dampness

How much cold is excessively cold for a ball?

The maximum range of coldness lies around 8 degree C or less than 40 degree F that can cause crack to your ball. Typically, extreme circumstances affect bowling balls by altering the size and pattern that can ultimately cause cracks in it.

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