What to Do with An Old Bowling Ball - Ways to Dispose and Recycle Them

What to Do with An Old Bowling Ball – Ways to Dispose and Recycle Them

After getting a new ball for yourself, you must be thinking about what to do with an old bowling ball. You will for sure wonder what is the precise manner to dispose of your old bowling balls to get rid of them. They are usually heavy. Therefore, you can’t directly dump them in the trash.

If you think the same, you are at the right place because this is exactly what I will tell you about. Let’s get started with it. All you need to do is sit down, relax, and read this article well until the end.

Whenever you plan to buy a new ball for yourself, the first thing that comes to mind is how to get rid of them safely to avoid any injuries from the one who might get in touch with the bowling balls. It is quite common for folks not to have information about the proper disposal of bowling balls.

Generally, there are some approaches that you can execute to safely and precisely get rid of your ball. You can somehow hand them out or might sell them to the sports goods shop. They usually do not buy second-hand balls. However, it is worth a try to ask.

As we all know, bowling balls are complex to throw away due to the material that is being utilized in them. The balls are framed in such a way as to stay a little longer. Therefore, finding out what to do with them is difficult when you are done. Fortunately, there are a lot of options that are available for disposing of your old, used balls.

How Do You Discard Your Old Bowling Balls?

You might be convinced to discard your bowling ball in a bin to get rid of it. However, this is extremely considered against. As bowling balls are quite dense and heavy, they can cause different types of potential injuries to anyone who knows nothing about it. For instance, it might fall on anyone’s foot and hence cause injury. So, this option should be avoided in any case.

There is no denying that there is little awareness and approach to what to do with second-hand bowling balls when you are almost done with them. It is noticed that there are more than around 100,000 balls just brought into bins and then left there. This is not perfect because bowling balls are not absolutely good for the surrounding environment.

If you have a usable old ball that you are already trying to dispose of, your ideal bet is donating it or going to sports goods shop to see if they will purchase it. And in another case, if they are not interested in buying it, they might offer to discard it. This is the most secure option as they are pro in disposing of it for you.

On the other hand, if you have a cracked ball, then your options are more restricted. Before discarding it, you should seek help if it can be repaired. You can take it to a sports goods shop, and they will then suggest what to do with your ball, whether it is fixable or not.

Is it Achievable to Grant or Donate a Bowling Ball?

The answer is, of course, it is achievable! There are a lot of traditional approaches and places to give your bowling balls. Additionally, there are a lot no traditional places and approaches to give your balls. You are not only required to close your kindness and throw them away.

I mean, you could have done that. However, other places might get good utilization out of your second-hand ball, as different bowling alleys have tournaments for kids and handicapped. It would be better to ask if someone on their team is interested in your old balls.

Generally, youth sports are pretty much costly as it is, and some parents who are not affordable are looking for stuff for their kids to make it a little more comfortable for them.

If you want to learn more about how much bowling alleys cost, we’ve written a full article about it here.

Where and How to Give Away Your Old Bowling Equipment

When you are all left with a bowling ball that is old enough and that you really want to get rid of, there are so many ways that you can opt to donate them. It will ultimately depend on your last objective; however, you can try to donate or recycle the ball to fulfill the needs of others. Some of these are listed below:

Domestic Artist

You might be lucky looking for an artist that is already finding bowling balls for some of their art projects. Artists are ideal for such donations as they are creative at remaking different things to look good again. You can see if you can find them in your native area that are predetermined to attain your second-hand bowling balls.

Claim your Native Recycling Center

The first thing you can do before throwing your ball is try to recycle it. It totally depends on the condition of the ball, if they are capable of being recycled or not, only because they are not always in a good condition. You can solve this mystery by calling or asking them if they will accept your bowling balls. If, in any case, they are not available, then you can go for other recycling options, as there are a lot of others out there.

Donate to Farms and Zoos

If you actually have a house near a zoo or farm, they might be interested in having your old bowling balls as entertainment for different animals. They will probably not show interest in having a cracked or damaged ball already, so you need to ensure the bowling ball is in an ideal condition before going there and offering them. Damaged balls can be a greater cause of hurting animals, which we obviously want to avoid.

Terrace Game

Another way to get rid of your old bowling balls is to attempt to recycle them at your place. For instance, you can try to make a creative game outdoors with these balls on your terrace or backyard. You can surf the internet for different game concepts or sports. You can then have many ideas to utilize your old bowling ball creatively.

Giveaway to a Local Bowling Alley

Donating your already-used bowling ball to the local bowling alley is another ideal way to eliminate those balls. Generally, these alleys will frequently have bowling tournaments for the handicapped and kids, and you can ask them giveaway your ball for any of these reasons. One of the other reasons to donate your ball is to support families with lower incomes to support their kids.

Granting to a School

If there is any school in your native area that usually has a team of bowling, you can also grant your old balls to them. Not all students or kids are made for sports like basketball, football, or baseball. It is a great idea for the kids to have an approach to the tools, such as balls used in bowling; they actually know that their selection is limited.

Domestic Old Hands Office

Another good choice is to find out about your domestic Veteran Affairs. There might be some old hands attempting to put together a tournament or team, and your giveaway can make it much easier for those interested in it to get started.

Selling Online

Donating or selling your already-used bowling ball online through different platforms is so easy that you are not even required to leave your personal space. Through it, you can easily reach out to your family or companions to see if they are interested in having your old bowling ball for any of their purposes. You can market your bowling ball by putting up an ad on any internet forum.

Is there Any Approach to Reprocess Your Bowling Ball

Recycling or reprocessing your ball is possible in different ways. Reprocessing your bowling ball can change it from waste into treasure. If you are looking for ideas to turn them into valuable products, you can look at the following ideas and approaches.

  • Utilize them for visual arts – When we talk about changing your bowling ball into art, creativity, and imagination are the only things you are restricted by. You can use them in such a way as to cover and paint them with glass tiles or something more decorative, like changing your previous ball into an amazing snowman or something like that. Many tutorials are present that teach you how to change a ball used in bowling into something very different and beautiful.
  • Make it right – Fixing an old ball is an ideal way to stick to your ball, specifically if you are connected with it anyway. You can then bring your ball back to its original condition by sanding down all the bumps or utilizing a repair kit to look after more crucial cracks. After repairing your ball shape, apply a little layer of shine to give it a lustrous finish.
  • Compose a new game – If you are really tired of playing indoor games all the time, you can change your old ball into some innovative lawn game. There are many ways to create an all-new game from your used bowling balls. All it will take is only a little effort and some inventiveness.
  • Construct a belt in your garden – If you have an abundance of old balls, specifically the damaged ones, that you really need to dispose of, consider utilizing them to make a different belt for your garden in your backyard. It will assist in adding interest and maintain soil from going away during an intense rainstorm. Another way is to cut them into two halves if you do not have enough balls. A shining bowling ball can add a special touch to your garden’s outlook.

Final Considerations

As we all know, very little information is present on how to safely and precisely dispose of a used bowling ball to get rid of it; therefore, in most cases, it is not done precisely. Many bowlers regularly dispose of their bowling balls in the trash by only throwing them.

However, it is forcefully advised to avoid it as it can cause injury due to its heaviness. The ideal approach that you can opt for is to donate it or try to sell it. This might help others access the bowling tool they do not have in any case. Additionally, you are required to take extra care of your ball to expand its life span.


What to do with an old bowling ball?

You can do the following things with your old bowling balls:

  • Giveaway your bowling ball to any of the youth project
  • Turn it into any art that looks good.
  • Utilize it specifically when the condition of the lane is not good enough to avoid any further breakage.
  • Donate it to any of the local alleys.
  • Resale it while using an online platform
  • Repair it only if you can
  • Upcycle it in different manners.

Do old balls count for something?

A damaged outer cover of a bowling ball may be reparable; however, it depends on the crack’s length or deepness. You can have a new ball instead. Another disadvantage is that it might have lost its hook and reaction due to different games. If you ever notice something like this, it’s time for a new ball.

Why can’t I throw my bowling ball directly into the garbage?

You can throw them directly, but you must take specific precautions to avoid any injury or something related to it. You can call your domestic waste disposal to see what is not and what is approved.

Is it possible to resell my old ball?

Yes, you can resell your bowling ball by using different online platforms. Both OLX and Craigslist are ideal options for selling your second-hand balls. These sites are only good as they have a considerable amount of audience.

What actually happens to secondhand balls?

Professionals mostly give away old tools to youth tournaments or leagues. However, most of them finish in the trash, and some stop somewhere at the rebuilding plant.

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