What Is No Tap Bowling

What Is No Tap Bowling? Know Your Answer

Have you ever heard of no tap bowling? If you’re a fan of traditional ten-pin bowling, you may be wondering what this new twist on the sport is all about.

In no tap bowling, if a bowler knocks down nine pins on their first ball, it counts as a strike. Similarly, if they knock down eight pins on their first ball, it counts as a spare. It means there is no need to bring down all the ten pins for earning a strike.

This variation of bowling is a great way for beginners or less experienced bowlers to get a taste of the excitement of scoring strikes without the frustration of constantly missing the perfect shot.

It’s also a good way to switch up your routine and challenge yourself in a new way. So let’s see what is no tap bowling in more details and explore it’s rules, ins and outs.

Why Is it Called No Tap Bowling?

The game of “no tap” bowling gets its name from the fact that it eliminates one of the most annoying aspects of traditional bowling – getting a “gutter ball” or knocking down only a few pins.

In no tap bowling, players get to choose a “no tap” number before the game begins, generally between 8 and 10. If a player knocks down that number of pins or more on their first attempt, it is regarded as a strike, even if they didn’t knock down whole the deck of pins.

Difference Between Tap Bowling And Traditional Bowling

In traditional bowling, players strive to take down all ten pins on each turn. If they do so on the first delivery, it’s called a strike, and they earn ten points plus the number of pins they drop on their successive two rolls.

If they don’t get a strike but knock down all ten pins in two rolls, it’s called a spare, and they earn ten points plus the number of pins they drop on their next roll.

On the other hand, in no tap bowling, players only have to knock down a certain number of pins – usually eight or nine – to score a strike.

This may seem like a small change, but it can make a big difference in the game’s outcome. No tap bowling can level the playing field and give newer or less experienced bowlers a chance to compete with experienced players.

It also adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to the game, making it all the more fun and exciting to play.

Scoring System of No Tap Bowling

No Tap Bowling isn’t your average bowling game – it’s a high-scoring, pin-busting, strike-inducing phenomenon that challenges even the most skilled bowlers. The scoring system is the key to this unique game, and it’s what sets it apart from traditional bowling.

In No Tap Bowling, you don’t need to knock down all 10 pins to get a strike. Instead, the game rewards you for your near-perfect shots by giving you credit for dropping a specific number of pins.

Typically, in No Tap Bowling, you need to knock down at least 8 or 9 pins to earn a strike, depending on the variation of the game.

But wait, it gets even better. If you knock down 7 pins on your first shot, you’ll still earn a spare – something that wouldn’t happen in traditional bowling.

And if you knock down 6 pins, well, at least you won’t get a gutter ball – you’ll still gain a respectable score.

Variations of No Tap Bowling

There are different variations of no tap bowling that offer even more excitement and strategy to the game.

9-pin No Tap

One variation is called “9-pin no tap.” In this version, you only need to knock down nine pins to score a strike.

This means that if you accidentally miss one pin, you still get credit for the strike. It’s like getting a gold star for almost doing something perfectly.

8-pin No Tap

This version is derived or reduction of the nine pin. Here you get a chance to knock down only 8 pins in order to get you a strike.

It is even more difficult as you have to focus on your delivery and aim to leave two pins out of ten standing.

Low-Ball No Tap

In this version, the objective is to knock down as few pins as possible. That’s right, you read that correctly!

Instead of trying to knock down as many pins as possible, players must strategize to knock down just enough pins to avoid getting a gutter ball, but not so many that they score high.

Progressive No Tap

This version is a bit more complex, as the number of pins required for a strike increases as the game goes on. In the first frame, players need to knock down just one pin to score a strike.

But by the tenth frame, players must knock down 10 pins for a strike. It’s like a game of bowling meets the game of life – it starts off easy, but as you progress, the challenges get tougher and the stakes get higher.

No Tap Bowling Tournaments And Leagues

No tap bowling isn’t just a fun way to knock down pins – it’s a full-fledged sport with its own tournaments and leagues. If you’re a die-hard bowler, you might be interested in joining one of these leagues or competing in a tournament.

Some of the most popular no tap bowling events include the USBC Open Championships and the Bowling Proprietors Association of America All-Star Tournament.

Joining a no tap bowling league can also be a pleasure and rewarding experience. Not only do you get to bowl on a regular basis, but you also get to meet new people and potentially make lifelong friends.

So, how do you go about finding a no tap bowling league near you? The first step is to check with your local bowling alley – they may already have a league you can join.

If not, try searching online for bowling associations or leagues in your area. You can also ask other bowlers you know if they’re part of a league or if they know of any good ones in the area.

Should You Play No Tap Bowling?

If you’re a bowler with a fierce competitive spirit, you might be hesitant to try no tap bowling. After all, how can knocking down fewer pins lead to a satisfying win?

But if you’re someone who enjoys the thrill of victory without having to be a pro, then no tap bowling may just be the perfect match for you.

The game’s modified rules make it easier to achieve higher points, meaning you’re more likely to leave the alley with a sense of triumph. So, the question isn’t really “should you play no tap bowling?”

Instead, it’s “are you ready to experience a new level of bowling entertainment and express your hidden bowling talents?”


What is tap in bowling?

When playing bowling, “tap” indicates the scenario where a bowler hits some but not all of the pins. It happens when, for instance, a player knocks down nine pins, leaving one standing, which is considered a “tap” as the ball lacked the necessary power to knock down all ten pins.

How do you play no tap bowling?

No tap bowling is a variation of traditional bowling where knocking down a predetermined number of pins on the first ball counts as a strike, regardless of whether all ten pins were brought down. This rule makes the game more forgiving and allows for higher scores.

What is 9 pin no tap bowling?

Nine-pin no tap bowling requires the bowler to hit nine pins on their first ball for it to be considered a strike, which makes it more difficult than other no tap variations. However, this format still enables bowlers to get more points than in standard bowling games.

What is 8 pin no tap bowling?

8 pin no tap bowling only needs the bowler to knock down eight pins on the first roll to earn a strike. This rule is more lenient than 9 pin no tap, but still demands some proficiency to hit the designated number of pins on a regular basis.

Is there any no tap bowling strategy?

Some strategies for no tap bowling include aiming for the target number of pins, using a heavier ball to increase the chance of knocking down more pins, and adjusting your stance and approach to optimize your ball speed and accuracy.

Final Words

No tap bowling is a fun and enjoyable way to play bowling, particularly for those who may not be the most skilled bowlers.

Trying out this variation of the game poses no risk since the same equipment is used, with the only difference being the modified rules of play.

At worst, one may not enjoy it, while at best, it could be a fantastic experience. With this in mind, it’s worth giving no tap bowling a try and experimenting with it.

Hopefully, this explanation has shed some light on this version of the game, and you’ll have a great time exploring it for yourself.

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