What Is Meant By Follow Through In Bowling

What Is Meant By Follow Through In Bowling? 4 Mistakes To Avoid

One of the key factors that contribute to a successful bowl is follow-through. Your techniques and struggle for strike may go in vain without it. But what is meant by follow through in bowling?

In simplest words, follow through refers to the continuation of the bowler’s arm motion after releasing the ball. It is an essential aspect of the game as it can affect the accuracy, power of the throw and body balance.

A proper follow through involves keeping your arm straight and your wrist in a relaxed position, allowing your hand to rotate naturally.

As follow through is an integral part of the game, you must know to perform it the proper way. Read the post to learn it in simple steps.

Why Follow Through Is Important?

Follow through is important in many sports like basketball, cricket and many other such sports where your arms has a lot to do with your strategy’s success. It affects your overall gameplay.

Here are some benefits of right follow through:

Body Balance

It is a natural thing that your body keep moving towards a direction due to inertia. For Example when you approach the foul line, you swing your bowling arm.

When the ball reaches the ground level, you release it. But the arm keeps moving upward to complete the arc motion and satisfy inertia. Due to this motion your body balance maintains and you don’t tumble.

Ball Speed

An appropriate ball speed is possible only when you complete the swing of your arm and it can be achieved by a proper follow through.

It helps you adjust and control the speed of the bowling ball and help you put only an intended amount if force or energy.

Without a follow through, you may set the ball at an unpredictable speed which can defiantly lead to wrong shot and delivery.

Aim Accuracy

Another important aspect of the follow through is it’s contribution in getting you an exact and accurate aim. But how?

It is obvious that you select a specific target on the deck when getting ready for approach most likely the pocket area.

To deliver the ball accurately towards your aim, you must move your hands in that direction with the help of follow through.

Maintains Direction

Follow through can help you retain the direction of the ball. By moving the arm and body motion in the direction of the target, the ball is more likely to travel in a straight queue towards the pins.

Generate Power

It also helps to develop power in the ball. By continuing the arm and body motion after releasing the ball, the bowler can transmit more energy to the ball, which can result in increased power.

Prevents Injury

Follow through can also assist to prevent injury. By permitting the body to continue its motion after sending out the ball, the bowler can avoid sudden stops or jerky movements that could lead to strains or injuries.

How To Complete The Bowling Swing Follow Through

If you want to complete your follow through in the right direction and the accurate way, here are step by step instructions.

Keep your eyes on the target

Your eyes should remain focused on your target throughout your swing and follow-through.

Release the ball

As you swing forward, release the ball at the bottom of your swing when your arm is fully extended and your wrist is in a neutral position.

Extend your arm

After releasing the ball, extend your arm fully and keep your elbow straight. This will help you maintain your balance and control your follow-through.

Rotate your wrist

As you extend your arm, rotate your wrist so that your palm faces upward. This will help you create a smooth, fluid follow-through and generate maximum power.

Finish with a high five

Finally, finish your follow-through by expanding your arm up and out as if you are giving someone a high five. This will enable you maintain your equilibrium in a natural, relaxed way.

Tips For Good Follow Through

Here is how to improve follow through by adopting the tips below:

  • Imagine yourself as a warrior, complete with ninja-like focus and precision. Visualize your arm as a deadly weapon, slicing through the air and hitting your target with laser-sharp accuracy.
  • It’s tempting to yank your arm back as soon as the ball leaves your fingers, but resist the urge. Instead, let your arm continue to swing forward naturally, extending all the way to the end of the follow-through.
  • As you release the ball, keep your eyes focused on your target. This will benefit you maintain a steady, smooth motion through your follow-through.
  • What better way to motivate yourself than to imagine you’re a superhero? Strike a pose as you release the ball, with your non-throwing arm extended in front of you like you’re flying.
  • Before you start your approach, take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. This will help comfort your nerves and get you ready for a smooth, relaxed follow-through.
  • After sending out the ball, hold your follow-through position for a beat or two to maintain your form and ensure that you’ve fully extended your arm.
  • Practice your follow-through until it becomes second nature. Consistency is key to enhancing your game, and grasping your follow-through will give you a solid foundation for success.

What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid During Follow Through?

Stopping the Follow Through

One common mistake that bowlers make during follow through is stopping abruptly after releasing the ball. This can cause the ball to lose momentum, reducing its speed and accuracy. Additionally, it can lead to injuries, especially to the shoulder and elbow joints.

To overcome this secerio, you must maintain a smooth and continuous motion after releasing the ball. Your arm should go on to swing towards the target, while the feet move forward, and the body sustains a balanced position.

Leaning Forward

Another typical mistake during follow through is leaning forward towards the target. This can result in the bowler to lose balance and reduce the precision of the shot. It can also lead to back and shoulder injuries, as the weight of the body is not disseminated evenly.

To tackle this, you should retain a straight posture, with the head up and the eyes focused on the target pins. The body should be in a balanced position, with the weight distributed uniformly on both feet.

Short Follow Through

A short follow-through is another ordinary mistake that bowlers make. It occurs when the bowler stops the follow-through motion too soon, usually before the arm has completely extended towards the target. This can cause the ball to lose potential for hook and spin.

Crossing The Body

Crossing the body during follow-through is a common blunder that can again impact the accuracy and velocity of the ball. This happens when the bowler’s arm swings across the body after sending out the ball, instead of following a direct path towards the target.

This can lead to the ball to turn in the wrong direction or lose its momentum, decreasing its aim and acceleration.

Final Words

And that concludes our discussion on what is meant by follow through in bowling. I hope I adequately explained the concept to you. Despite its seemingly insignificant nature, it can greatly impact your game.

If you require any additional clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask, and I will respond as promptly as possible.

Best of luck on the lanes!


How do you follow through in bowling?

In bowling, the follow-through is the act of maintaining balance and extending the arm forward towards the target after releasing the ball. It is an important component of the bowling technique.

How many steps does a bowler take?

The number of steps a bowler takes can vary depending on the individual’s approach and technique. Generally, a bowler takes four or five steps in their approach before sending out the ball.

How do I become a more consistent bowler?

To become a more consistent bowler, it’s important to focus on proper technique, practice regularly, and develop a consistent pre-shot routine. It can also be helpful to work with a coach or take lessons to improve your skills.

What do you call a follow through in bowling?

The follow through in bowling is often referred to as the “finish” or “release.” It’s a crucial part of the bowling action that can impact the precision and power potential of the ball.

What would you advise me regarding follow through?

With over 20 years of bowling experience, I would advise you to continuously analyse your techniques and specially follow through. Every step, every movement of your hand and body count in your success toward professional bowling.

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