What Is a Clean Game In Bowling

What Is a Clean Game In Bowling

Bowling can be a great deal of pleasure, but it is an athletic sport as well. A clean game in bowling is the objective of every player. It’s the sign of a competitive bowler.

Bowling is a sport that requires a great deal of understanding and technique to master and a lot of scoring circumstances that players can face while playing. Despite that, a very openly faced and discussed event is a clean game in bowling.

What Does a Clean Game in Bowling Mean

You must be thinking, what does a clean game in bowling mean and does it works on a lane. Let’s discuss it precisely. By definition, a clean game in bowling can be explained as a match where there is an absence of open frames from the first to the tenth frame in bowling. It means you are definitely required to get a strike or a spare on entire ten frames in each game. It is the event when a bowler obtains a spare or strike in all ten frames completely.

You must be wondering, it is comparatively easy to comprehend what a clean game in bowling is, but mostly folks are less or almost not familiar with this bowling case that is required to be displayed with a precised analysis.

In a clean game, you are needed to play all the closed frames. And after scoring all closed frames of a ten-pin bowling, you can finally say that you had an event of clean bowling in a bowling game. But the perspective of bowlers are almost different with respect to the game.
In contrast, an open frame is the one in which you cannot knock out all of the ten pins in between your two shots and also cannot hit a strike or a spare which is ultimately not an ideal thing to consider.

How to Accomplish a Clean Game in Bowling

Well, there are several ways to accomplish a clean game in bowling. One way to encounter a clean game is to exercise your objective and throw. Keep your position stable, concentrate on the pins, and try to have a smooth throw with the correct amount of force behind it.

Another crucial factor of attaining a clean game is maintaining score. With a view to score appropriately, you are required to know the position of each pin according to the foul line. You are required to make sure that after your first and second attempt, you are not sparing any pins as well. This shows that you are scoring whether a strike or a spare for each frame.

Never give up, if you are having an issue or difficulty in attaining a clean game in bowling. With all the practice and an accurate concentration, you can achieve this objective while show casing your talent at the bowling alley.

Practical Tips to Achieve a Clean Game

With a view to play a clean game, you are required to assure that you hit the entire ten pins in each frame. This shows remaining concentrated and making good hits.

Here are few practical tips to help you obtain a clean game and your objective:

  • Remain concentrated and take all the time when getting ready for a shot on a bowling lane.
  • Make it very sure that your movement of throwing a bowling ball is steady and smooth.
  • Always remember to utilize or choose a bowling ball that matches your pattern of throwing.
  • Exercise routinely in a way that you can make your skills and technique ideal throughout the game.

It’s very crucial to stay consistent and try to take all your time while throwing a shot with a deliberate attempt. It will assist you to make good connection with the pin every time, which is necessary for attaining spares and strikes. To start a game properly, pick a ball that matches your throwing pattern and take a proper amount of time to exercise daily.

What are the Standards of a Clean Game

Now it’s right time to discuss and have a look at the real effective rules of a clean game in bowling. Here are some of the authentic standards for a clean game that are required to be pursued if you want to have an ideal game.

Denial of Open Frames

Before all else, the standard that explains a clean game is a denial of open frames. From the first to the last frame, the bowler is required to knock out all the ten pins from the first ball to obtain a clean game in each frame.

And if the bowler goes wrong and get a close frame in each of the ten frames of a bowling game, then the match would be reviewed as an ordinary game and not an exact clean game of bowling game according to the USBC standards.

Accordingly, it would assist you in scoring a strike which leads to knocking out all the ten pins in each frame, which can be quite complicated and skillful at doing.

Fill Balls

As stated by bowling thesaurus, Fill Balls are basically bonus hits that you get after every spare and strike that ultimately counts in your earlier frame’s score. According to the precise bowling standards given by USBC and other bowling organizations, fill balls, also known as bonus shots do not requires the strikes or spares only if there is each of them in the frame once during the game.

A broadly discussed issue that fill balls also require as a strike or a spare is not at all official, and in return you do not specifically require to hit a strike or a spare while playing in your fill balls. In that way, you can have close frames and still are allowed to get an achievement for yourself in bowling a clean game.

Tenth Frame

Now, the debating point that arise here within the players almost all around the universe is the tenth frame of a bowling game. As per official standards of the USBC, you are only require to hit a single important strike or spare in the initial shot or first two shots of the tenth frame.

And if there are an individual or two extra shots left after scoring a spare or a strike, you do not significantly require to close out the remaining balls to have a clean game. And also if you leave the extra hits open, it will not affect the clean game at all, and will make you remain all good.

A Players Perspective On a Clean Game in Bowling

Players of different performance level and broad knowledge of the game have their views of a clean game in the bowling. Despite that, there’s only one thing that all of them agrees on is close frames in all the frames of the bowling game.

The discussion starts when we discuss about the tenth frame primarily. In agreement with some players who suppose that there should be an additional level of complication for a match to be called as clean game, if the initial hit is a strike, then the other hit need to be whether two spares a strike, which shows that there should be no open frames in any way.

On the other hand, some folks believe that if the bowler have a spare in the initial two shots of the frame, the bonus shots needs to be a strike, which shows that the final slot of bonus score requires to get a strike or a spare in it to be viewed as a complete clean game. However, that is not important according to the regulation.

Highest and Lowest Points in a Clean Bowling

By playing a clean game specifically, there arises a question which states that what are the highest points you can attain in a ten pin bowling game.

All of us know that the highest score we can obtain in an individual ten pin bowling is around 300 points. These points can be attained by hitting 12 strikes in a row, including the bonus shots.
Since playing all strikes in your bowling game shows that you will be hitting close frames all over the game, you will be allowed to hit utmost of 300 in a clean game of bowling.

But, scoring 300 is demanding even for the proficient and artist of the game. Most clean games appear with a fusion of strikes and spares and also open bonus shots after ten frames.

ccordingly, it is a matter that needs a complete attention and utmost will. But still if you are exercising a lot, by spending a maximum amount of time, putting in all the physical exertion, and get to know about the different tricks of ten pin bowling, then you can achieve goal and are able to hit scores as much as 300 while playing a clean game.

If we talk about the lowest scores in a clean bowling, then it is 100. You can obtain this score in a clean game having a spare monitored by the ball in gutter in the entire ten frames. The score in this game is a kind of weird encounter than an impressive one. To attain a spare, you are required to knock out the entire pins in the first attempt and then to maintain the score of ten within a frame and the third ball has to move into the gutter.

This is mostly unlikely or rare incidence to occur ever in an actual bowling game. But it does sum up a little more fun to the already thrilling game of a bowling ball.

Is it Possible to Play a Game of 200 With All Spares

This question is asked most frequently by almost every person. As we all know, a match with all the spares will be called as a clean game of bowling, but unluckily, it is not even practicable in ten pin bowling to hit 200 or more than that with all possible spares in a frames.

The reason behind it is that, the highest number of pins you can knock down in the initial shot of a frame to hit a spare is almost 9. Accordingly, if you hit nine and then spare in the further shot and keep playing this way for all your shots in all the frames, ending up with a total count of 190. however, keeping this pace is strangely rare.

On the contrast, if you are thinking of scoring 200, you are required to take an all different approach, with entire strikes or a fusion of strikes and spares within a clean game. To attain this, you are needed to apply different techniques and skills.

Impact of Clean Game On a Whole Bowling Performance

It can have a positive effect on your overall bowling execution because you will be allowed to deliver the ball with more force and precision. Additionally, you will be less presumably to encounter ball drift or divergence from your chosen path.
One of the most significant things to keep in view when playing a bowling ball is maintaining your game clean and exempted from distractions. It involves concentrating on your form, keeping accurate placement throughout your throw, and commanding any irrelevant motion that could throw away your precision and power.

Final Considerations

A clean game is classified among the most famous and crucial scoring circumstances in ten pin bowling. If you are paying attention to your score that could end in a way leading you towards a clean game, you will find a considerable amount of assistance from this conduct. I expect that you can tell a lot from this piece of writing and can utilize this knowledge in your upcoming bowling sessions.


What is a meaning of an open frame in bowling game?

The term open frame is an event and it happens when there are still pins standing in the frame after two shots. There is no sanction for an open frame, rather than that of losing to attain the extras for spares and strikes.

What terms are casually used in bowling?

Spare-a spare means knocking out all the left pins on a player’s second delivery.
Turkey-it happens when 3 strike occurs consecutively.
Double-a double in a bowling ball happens if you have two strikes consecutively.
Badger-after turkey, badger occurs next.

What is a meaning of 10 frames in a bowling?

An individual game comprises of 10 frames, with each frame comprising of two opportunities to knock out ten pins. Every single pin that is being knocked out gives you a point.

What is regulation of clean game in bowling?

It is very simple to explain; it’s a kind of bowling in which there are no open frames present for the bowlers.

What is an ideal game in bowling called?

An ideal or a perfect game in bowling is considered as the one in which you get best possible score of 300 or the one in which you attain 300 points. It comprises of delivering 12 strikes consecutively in an individual game.

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