Tips for Left Handed Bowlers

Tips For Left Handed Bowlers: Master The Lanes with Expert Guidance

Bowling is a type of game that usually appears with almost no limitations. It doesn’t even counts if you are left handed or a right handed player, you are definitely going to have a good time while bowling. Today’s subject is all you need to have an information about bowling game if you are a left handed player.

You must be thinking how someone can play bowling as a left-hander and what these players need to know about playing a bowling ball. Well, if it is true then I must say you are in the right place in view of the fact that is precisely what I am here to explain you about.

In this piece of writing, I will thoroughly discuss the term left-handed bowling in a world of bowling, whether if there are such players or not, tricks and skills for left handed players and a bit more about the dissimilarity between right and left handed bowling gears or shoes.

Bowling as a Southpaw or Left-hander

Carrying out a bowling game as a southpaw or left-hander is quite the same as playing any other sort of sport while being a left-hander. There are few dissimilarities compared to those of right-hander bowlers and some tricks and techniques that will assist you in gaining advantage over the other bowlers.

When analyzing the figures, only about 13% of bowling players are actually southpaws, which implies that left handed players are a minority in bowling for sure.

That even does not take anything away the southpaws. If we have a look at those 50 PBA bowling proficient that are at top, approximately 20% of them are left-handed. This implies that southpaws have almost as much opportunity of becoming the best bowler as right-hander.

So, if you are a bowling freak with a comparatively powerful left hand, you don’t need to get worried as with an adequate practice and precise will power, you can get to the top position as well.

Are there Southpaws or Left Handed Players on the Board

Bowling balls generally come with a plain design that is common to all the players out there, doesn’t count which hand they are going to utilize to bowl. This shows that no, there are specifically no left handed balls particularly framed to meet the needs of a left handed bowlers.

But, if we look at the finger holes design of a bowling ball then they are usually finger hole-less when they make their appearance to the market, which implies that it might be framed or you can adjust it according to your hand before bowling a game.

This is the reason, obtaining a second hand ball is not at all encouraged. So, when you are making a purchase of bowling ball, make it very sure that you finger dimension are taken precisely.

And on the other hand, if you are a leftie, the direction or course of your thumb and fingers keeping the bowling ball must be taken into account in a way that you feel comfortable while keeping a ball in your hand.

Consequently, if you are able to get the accurate finger holes in a bowling ball particularly for your left handed hold, you will be capable of not only holding the bowling ball accurately but also keep it and lose it whenever you require to throw the bowling ball in a better way.

Ultimately, you are required to make sure that you pay attention to the holes present on bowling ball in order to have an ideal grip on it.

What is a Precise Approach to Hook a Ball While Being a Left-hander

Hooking is basically a skill of spinning a bowling into the bowling pins standing at the end of the lane in order to get the better pin action and a best opportunity at attaining a strike with the aid of delivering and then throwing the bowling ball ultimately into the pocket.

However, if you are totally unfamiliar with a way of hooking a ball, let me teach you what you are required to do to precisely hook a bowling ball, specifically if you are a leftie.

Choosing the Right Pocket for Southpaws

If you are a whole new in bowling and especially in a hooking a bowling ball, you might think what actually a pocket is; it is a space between the bowling pins that re required to be aimed to knock down all the pins in a single attempt to attain a strike.

The accurate pocket to hook the ball for right handed players is normally a pocket where 1-3 pins are placed. However for lefties, on the left side of bowling pin setup, the 1-2 pins are present on the pocket. This is an ideal area for players to use and attain an opportunity of scoring an ideal strike.

Picking the Approach

Now, you are aware of putting the bowling ball in a precise pocket, it is right time for you now to pick an appropriate approach to the ball. Let’s have a brief look at this.

What you are required to do is that hold the bowling ball and position it on your bowling hand that you are not utilizing. Make sure to maintain your arms and throwing hand loose. Now, take a step forward and move in the direction of bowling lane.

Then, bring your arm in backward position and swing the ball in a forward direction and before delivering the bowling ball, you are required to bring a bowling ball at a considerable low height around your ankle while positioning yourself in a little bending state.

Rotating the Fingers

Some last steps of approach are quite important in order to take a hook while throwing a bowling ball. After bringing your bowling ball to a lower position, you need to assure that you are using your thumb and fingers.

Being a left handed player, you will deliver the bowling ball on the left side accordingly but rotate your fingers on the right side, in a way that bowling ball comes back ultimately into the 1-2 pockets and brings you a strike.

Now, you are going to take your fingers gradually out of the bowling holes first and then do the same with the thumb at the right position in order to throw, hook the bowling ball and knocking down all the possible pins and getting you a maximum scores.

Is There Any Dissimilarity Between Left and Right Handed Bowling Shoes

Normally, bowling gears does not carry a big dissimilarities for both left and right handed bowler. However, when we talk about the performance of bowling gears or shoes, there are differences in reality that should not be ignored whenever making a purchase.

The highlighting difference is the shoe for braking and sliding motion. A best shoes is considered to provide a player with a perfect sliding movement and the other is considered to hinder the sliding motion and provide a player with a brake in order to avoid the foul line.

For the players that are right handed, the sliding shoe is needed to put on left foot, however for the players that are left handed, the sliding shoe is needed to put on the right foot. If you overlook this difference, you might wind up wasting your money and not being capable of using the shoes for an ideal game.

Pointers For Left Handed Players

In order to bowl your game in an ideal way while being a left handed bowler, there are few techniques and tips that you need to follow strictly. Let us have a brief look at these techniques and tips to advantage ourselves in bowling game.

Choose Custom-Made Finger Holes

After reading the above mentioned information, we know that both the right and left hand sides counts a lot in a finger holes of bowling ball. So, if you really want an easy hold while utilizing your left hand, make it very sure to get a ball with custom-made finger holes in accordance with your left hand hold on the bowling ball.

Aiming the Arrows

You are required to have a precise eye on the arrows. As I have discussed earlier to maintain your target at the 1-2 pockets if you are a left handed player and it is the main objective but not your focus of throw. You should be maintaining your eyes fixed at the aiming arrows in order to have a perfect game.

Get the Right Shoes

Shoes that are utilized while bowling a game actually plays a significant character in the career of lefties. You need to make sure that you are purchasing shoes that are ideal for the left-hander.

Practice Counts A Lot

In every profession of life, practice plays a key part in order to achieve any target and so in the bowling game. You are required to invest yourself in a bowling practice for getting a good score.

Unemployed Side of Lane

One of the best plus point that left handed players get over others is that the area they bowl on is not very much used by the other bowlers. Consequently, there is more good oil pattern which can be used to get an ideal shots at the targeted bowling pins.

Final Considerations

Now as we know that left handed players might not be in the same quantity as right-hander ones, however they can still utilize many techniques and tips to make it very sure that they get strike every time they bowl and stay at the top. And in case, if you are the one then I hope that this piece of writing has been helpful for you.


Is it difficult for people to bowl with left hand?

It will make it much difficult for you to bowl with left hand if you are the one at bowling alley because most of the bowling centers are constructed for the right handed players. You are required to utilize a left handed ball instead.

Who is most good at bowling between left and right handed bowler?

Figures and researches have revealed that approximately 13 percent of the total population of adults are left handed in bowling. But if we see the list of top 50 players of PBA bowlers then we can find that 20 percent of them are almost left handed.

What is the position of left-hander while bowling?

An ideal regulation of thumb for a right-hander is to situate the inner part of your left foot precisely on the center dot and vice versa for the left handed player.

Why southpaws are at convenience?

It is simpler to go a little more in a forward direction towards the lane and mostly outside the line with a right handed player however, you cannot do this with a left handed bowler because you are positioning yourself with an open stance.

What hand should one bowl with?

In order to keep your weight balanced, you are needed to utilize your arm that is non dominant. However, having a grip on a bowling ball needs a lot of practice and exercise too.

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