How to Make a Bowling Ball Spinner

How to Make a Bowling Ball Spinner

Whether you are an amateur looking for big tournaments or a proficient player attempting to improve your game, restoring your bowling ball polishes overall performance. That can be accomplished using a bowling ball spinner.
You must be wondering, what exactly is this spinner used in a bowling ball and how to make it for yourself? That is what I’m here for, to give you a little bit of piece of information regarding bowling ball spinner.

Bowling Ball Spinner – Explained

A bowling ball spinner is an apparatus that enables you to wipe, glaze or sand the outer covering of a bowling ball smoothly, which is impossible to carry out manually if the spinning is not occurring while playing with a bowling ball.
These spinners are usually available at a dear price and are difficult to handle. Still, they are very significant if you desire your bowling ball to be accurately furnished for the bowling lane.
With time, the surface of bowling balls becomes rugged; protecting them requires glazing and sanding. But, sad to say, it’s quite difficult to carry out the process without equipment that will continue the ball spinning in order to acquire access to its whole outer surface.
A bowling ball spinner is one of the most crucial accessories in a bowling ball. Most players will advise you to keep your bowling ball perfectly sanded and glazed, and they are very right. The process is not all about only cleaning, but proper sanding and polishing are required.

What is a Precise Approach to Making a Bowling Ball Spinner

If you do not have enough funds and you are considering purchasing a bowling ball spinner, I have a precise approach for you to make a bowling ball spinner of your own. You can call it a DIY bowling ball spinner, which will save a great deal of expense and give you a sense of achievement and the bowling information proficiently needed.

If you’re up for the mission, here’s a conclusion of the things that you need to know and a feasible guide for you concerning what is practicable to create a bowling ball spinner all by yourself from scratch.

Following are the steps to make a bowling ball spinner:

Gathering the tools and material

The first step involves the collection of all the tools and materials that you are going to require in the process of making a DIY bowling ball spinner. Here is a checklist of materials needed for your bowling ball spinner.

  • A plank of wood or a steel bar
  • Power drill
  • Bolts and clamps
  • Rubber washer
  • Metal container
  • Casting material
  • Sandpaper

These are the stuff that you might have already at your home, or you can purchase at a very low cost in view of the fact that our basic objective is to save expenses by making a bowling ball from scratch.

Power Drill

The first step of this process requires you to utilize a plank of wood or a steel bar that you have already made and connect it to the power drill that you have in your house. If the bar is of steel, apply a steel cutter to separate the important parts to join with the drill press or fix the power drill into it. Please ensure that you are working in safe circumstances and always use protective equipment because this process will require welding and cutting of different things to make the DIY spinner of a bowling ball.

Joining a Bolt

Once the power drill is fixed with the wooden or steel bar on the board, it will be qualified to repress on a shelf without falling. Now, it’s time to work on the actual spinning part. Take a bolt of extended length and link it upside down by welding it onto the top of a power drill. This step is extremely important if you are desired to make the spinning movement manageable and easy to handle.

Dimension of Metal Bowl Equal to the Ball

Then, you are required to take a bowl of metal and utilize your bowling ball to take dimensions to make the perfect one that can suit your customized bowling ball in a way that the balls can adjust in it accurately.
Now, drill a small hole it’s already welded process right in the center. Pick a sandpaper and paste it on the center of the metal bowl for a perfect grip on the outer part of the drill press.

Placement of Bowl

Now it’s time to have a rubber washer and put it on the spinning bolt to avoid any rubbing or resistance between the surface and the bowl.
Now, spot the bowl on the rubber washer and then place the padding around the corners of the metal bowl to ensure that your bowling ball sets accurately in the bowl and spins perfectly.

Rotating Your Bowling Ball

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned processes, it’s time to spin or rotate your bowling ball while placing it on your DIY bowling ball spinner and utilize it to wipe, sand, polish, and execute all types of resurfacing tasks on it according to demand. It will definitely be the best experience, will not take a long time to complete the process, and ultimately will give incredible outcomes once the spinner is made.

Why Bowling Ball Spinners Are Essential

You must be thinking about the importance of having your own bowling ball spinner. All right, if you are a proficient player to whom each game counts and matters a lot, acquiring your ball and then altering it according to the condition of the lane can be crucial for a great bowling experience.
If the lane is too dry and does not have enough oiling, then a bowling ball with smooth motion would be more efficient, and, in that case, you can immediately polish the ball in order to roll and slide it better on the lane’s surface, experiencing less friction comparatively.
But, if the bowling lane is too oiled or lubricated, you would then require a bit of command on your bowling ball, which can be encountered by sanding a ball with a proper technique. By using this bowling ball spinner, you will be in a position to sand your ball and make it suitable for accurate performance spinning on a damper bowling lane.

Is Bowling Ball DIY a Bright Idea

With respect to DIY ideas, it totally depends on the person who is working on the project. Although, not many players or people can make this bowling ball spinner at home all by themselves. But, that’s not right to say it’s incurable. As per this writing’s rule, you can go for making your own bowling ball spinner if you have all the above-mentioned tools or the equipment required in the process of execution. You still need to be very careful towards every step of the process to make it a success.

Final Consideration

Bowling is a fun activity. It is beside the point if you are a proficient player; each person who plays the game, no matter what appreciates it. The only one thing that can make you feel hopeless is a ball that does not operate properly on the lane. This is why you require a bowling ball spinner that will assist you in sanding, cleaning, and then polishing your ball accurately.


What is the minimum and maximum rpm of a bowling ball spinner?

The minimum rpm range of a bowling ball is around 400, and the maximum rpm ranges around 600.

Can you make a bowling ball shiner?

Yes, you can, and the process involves combining equal proportions of rubbing alcohol, water, and Simple Green in a spray bottle and shaking it to mix properly. Clean the ball by spraying it on the surface and wiping it with a towel.

Why is there a need to spin a ball?

Most bowling professionals believe in spinning to command the bowling ball as it goes toward the pins. You can achieve different motions by putting a ball on the spin.

Why is there a need to curve the ball?

A hook in ten-pin bowling is the ball that moves in a curving position while opposing the straight direction. It ultimately gives the ball the best angle at 1-3 pockets at the end of the lane or 1- 2 pockets to gain a strike.

How many times can you sand a bowling ball?

After almost every 60 games, you are required to resurface the bowling ball. When the ball is sanded enough that the logo is invisible now, it’s the right time to purchase another ball.

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