How To Bowl With Long Nails

How To Bowl With Long Nails

Bowling is a game for every individual out there. No matter if you have long painted nails, nothing will resist you from playing your favored game. Despite that, if you want to secure your acrylic nails while you’re having a good time rolling, you can go for it unless you’re attentive towards your bowling approach.
In this piece of writing, I will make mention of complication that that you might have to go through when bowling with acrylic or artificial nails. We will also observe controlling those problems and have a good time at bowling center.

Can you Roll with Acrylic Nails?

The very first question that comes across your mind is whether or not you can bowl with acrylic nails in a bowling alley. Well, the answer is, you least ambiguously can. But for this, you are required to be very careful. If your nails are short, it will not be a big deal then. But if you pay a great deal of money on your manicure and got acrylic nails, you would most probably not want to get them damage in any case.
As a consequence, if you are going bowling with your fake or long nail on, you are required to practice a lot. For this reason, you are going to have some defense tactics so that your acrylics remain free from the risk, simultaneously, you can strike down all the pins against your mates.

Does Length and Stronger Nails Makes Any Difference?

The perfect trick on how to bowl with lengthy nails is to principally pick a comparatively shorter nails. Although it’s true that all of us adore long attractive nails and just to pamper ourselves we spend a great a great amount of time, energy and money to look glamorous. Anyhow, if you are playing tournament, that might stays for a month or two, it will take you to the safe side by lessening the pain and budget if you primarily change up your nail pattern and go for a shorter look. With a perfectly crafted nails and an aesthetic gel finish, even shorter manicures can look attractive and beautiful.
Usually, healthy manicures works better for acrylics and gels, in this regard, you should look after your nail in a same way you do it for your body. This eventually assist your manicure to stay for a long time while your are bowling.

Challenges Encountered When Bowling with Acrylic Nails

If you are pretty much anxious about your losing your long and strong nails; well, your concerns are valid. There are different difficulties you can encounter if you are going bowling with long nails.

Following are some of the bigger ones:

Cracking as a result of finger holes

If you are the one with longer acrylic manicure, stay out of the finger holes in the bowling ball. Incorporating your acrylic-nailed fingers inside the bowling ball holes would only put your nails at risk and might increase the odds of them getting jammed in the bowling ball and cracking ultimately, which can be a big challenge. If your fingers are not big enough, you might suffer this trapping of your fingers inside the holes of bowling ball.

Nails getting teased

usually, bowling balls are heavy to lift. In case, if you are going to manage a bowling ball with long acrylic nails, it might be possible that a poor posture or controlling end up damaging or teasing your nail, leaving a scratch on them.

Bruises on the fingers

Any damage or cracking of your acrylic manicure can leave long term marks on your fingers. You can in fact get hurt, and the damaged nail might penetrate the skin, and might even notice a drop of blood if you do not secure them well when bowling.

You might not play well

If you are really not that much passionate of your bowling score, then you can bowl with your acrylics on. In case if you are a professional player and score does matters a lot, you’re likely be unhappy with your potentially low score.
Long nails can ultimately obstruct you from lifting the ball accurately, ending up with low strikes.

How to Roll a Bowling Ball with Acrylic Nails?

So you desire to make sure your acrylics are covered correctly, and you can go for bowling game with your companions and family all the same. Well, good news for you, there are many solution to encounter this major issue. Let me now turn your attention to a major approach you can use while bowling with your long, pretty acrylic nails without risking them.

Employing the Granny Style Bowling Approach

Beyond any doubt, the perfect approach to secure your acrylics while having a fun in the bowling center is the granny style of bowling. You will somehow look a bit of hilarious applying it, but all that counts is how many strikes and spares you can get.

This bowling technique enables you to deliver the bowling ball without endangering your nails for the reason that, at no point you are controlling the ball with your fingertips. For this technique you are not even required to secure your nail with any nail protector or binding tape. All you need is a little amount of practice to become great at it. So, let’s discuss this granny style briefly.

This 5-step approach is quiet handy to execute while playing a bowling ball with your acrylics on.

  • In the very first step, your are required to lift a bowling ball with both of your hands.
  • After that, you will lead towards the foul line and position yourself right at the back of it for the reason that, this technique does not demand you take a an extended approach.
  • Then, you will expand your legs, fold your knees down and lift the ball with your hands in middle of your legs before throwing the ball.
  • Following that, you will then oscillate the ball in an accurate back and forth motion for a short time as far as you get the right velocity and movement.
  • The last and final step is, you will deliver the bowling ball at a mean angle in order to strike down most of the pins at the end of lane.

Achieving strikes and spares at the end of game is very conventional with granny style, but all you need is to have little practice to get hands on it. It might seem quite simple to utilize, but it can be demanding to achieve it.

What other Basic Techniques you can Use to Bowl with Acrylic Nails

Masking Acrylics with Nail Protector

If you are not the supporter of granny style technique and wish to bowl the correct way, you will desire to use masking products for your long nails I order to get rid of any damage while playing a bowling ball.

Among the best and most frequent used products for defending your nails against harsh activities like bowling etc., is a category of nail protector. These are perfect for your acrylics if you want to keep them secure.

Once your acrylics are secured from close contact by means of these protectors, you can play smoothly and even put your fingers inside the holes of bowling ball. There are various kinds of nail protectors available at market that ultimately.

Putting on finger pad/guard

Not even sometimes bowling bind seems pleasant much for you to wrap it around your finger tips and play with your mates; there’s however alternative protection tool you can utilize for your acrylic nails.

Finger cots acts as gloves for your acrylics and fingertips. They are composed of cotton fabric, and they are extremely delicate, but simultaneously, they are perfect at keeping your fingertips and nails safe.

The good thing about them is they offer a coat of smooth shield to your long acrylics so that they do not drop a line to the bowling ball immediately and stay secure every time. They are comparatively reasonable as compared to the other choices available in the market.

Employing Bowling Ramps

Even if you are not confident about utilizing the bowling equipment for safety of your long nails and still you want to strike down all the pins at the end of the bowling lane, there’s one apparatus that can assist you.

Bowling ramps are sloping bars or slides for bowling balls that enable you to position them at a definite perspective and deliver the ball without physical exertion or making straight reach towards the bowling ball.

These are utilized primarily by little children or handicaps as they want to have a perfect bowling game without an excess of physical exertion on the bowling ball. All you are required to do is, lift a bowling ball, request for the bowling ball, locate the ball on top of ramp and release it down across the bowling lane in order to knock down all the pins. This will be all thrilling, fun and safe for your beautiful acrylics at the same time.

Fingertip Binding

You have heard about these butterfly-shaped bindings before or have them in your first aid box. It is normally used to cover and secure cuts and injuries on fingertip, these bindings are perfect for your fingertip as they bind around your finger softly while covering your nails. They are composed of soft fabric so you can use them according to your choice or as per need.

Brunswick Tape

This tape is ideal for covering your fingers and thumb to safeguard against broken nails. The advantage of utilizing this tape while bowling is that you choose how much you want to utilize for the protection of your nails.

Storm Wrist Support

Our ultimate choice for bowling with longer nails is the Storm Wrist Support. It will not only assist you with good command, lessen the risk of injuries and enhance your bowling span, but will also aid you in protecting your nails from damage, whereas providing you with superior ball command during the game. It generally costs around $30 or less, it will help your expensive manicure to stay in it’s original form. This kind of support might not stop your nails completely from damage but if your wrist is situated properly, then the damage is less likely to happen. It ultimately assist your wrist to keep the right position.

Can you Play with Gel and Press-on Nails

You can play a bowling ball with gel or stiffen nails only if you are attentive towards the protection. These gel nails are moderately hard, but they can get damage if you do not consider precautionary measures. Acrylic nails are firmer than gel nails, so if you are a regular or a professional bowler, it’s good to go for acrylics. On the other hand, press-on nails are not as tough as acrylics, they are not considered as better option for bowling.

Crowns for Maintaining your Nails while Bowling

  • Make sure you have sturdy nails. If your nails are stronger, they are more presumably stay beautiful when bowling. Apply nail booster and drink lot of water. Additionally, never overlook your vitamins, as they play a keep part in maintaining healthy nails. The ideal vitamin for your nails are biotin, vitamin C and iron.
  • Conceal your nails before bowling, it assist you in protecting against the damage while hitting the pins. Make sure to wear nail protectors each time you bowl.
  • It would be good for your nail’s longevity, if you do not file your nails on regular basis. You can make them weak and expose them at a high risk of cracking while bowling. It can also cause infection and your nails might get separated.
  • Eat the correct things for instance, food made with olive oil and sweet potatoes that build up your metabolism and ultimately makes your nails stronger and lustrous.
  • Rubber gloves are usually not recommended because they lack the grip that is required during bowling and might do more wrong than good.

Final Considerations

Now, as you know that you can bowl while having long or short nails, but for this you are required to make it very sure that you thoroughly attentive towards the tips and techniques of bowling. Bowling is all fun unless or until you are completely aware of the required approaches in order to strike down all the pins. For an ultimate success and keeping yourself at the safe side, make sure that your nails are concealed properly and are not cracked before the game, as they can be smoothly get cracked during an activity. Take them off before going bowling to overcome the risk of injury.


Is it possible to bowl with artificial nails?

The answer is yes! You are required to be extra careful with the acrylics you are wearing while bowling because they can stuck into the holes and your fingers might get injured.

Why is it necessary to tape the fingers while bowling?

The tape is usually used to alter the gripping holes of bowling ball, particularly the thumb hole. This helps you to feasibly modify your bowling ball grip to a constant and relaxed pressure.

Why my fingers hurt after bowling?

It is due to the reason that, the ball might not fit the size of your finger and you are required to exert an extra pressure in order to hold and throw the ball correctly.

How to get better and consistent in bowling?

  • Picking a right ball is always the key
  • Pick your spot carefully
  • Improve your bowling time
  • Finish the game in a professional way
  • Practice is a key

How often you should go for acrylics once after applying?

You are required to fill up your acrylics every two to three weeks once after applying these on your nails.

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