How Much Does A Candlepin Bowling Ball Weigh

How Much Does A Candlepin Bowling Ball Weigh?

Ball weight in candlepin bowling is a most important feature because it affects your bowling and decides your gaming capability. To know this feature, you must have at least basic knowledge about candlepin bowling.

Candlepin bowling is most common in the maritime provinces of Canada, the northern United States, and the Northeast States of America, also known as New England. The pin in candlepin bowling is thinner and higher than the pins of tenpin bowling.

The surface on which the game is played is called the lane, which is 16 ft long and 42 inches wide, and the wideness may vary according to the availability of the place. The candlepin ball is made up of a rubber, plastic, and wood combination, which is a hard ball. In this game, you must knock down all the pins with the ball.

Now we can come to our main point: the ball’s weight.

How Much Does A Candlepin Bowling Ball Weigh

If you cannot select the ball of perfect weight, then your gaming is useless. Because you must be called unprofessional if you select a ball of the wrong weight, first of all, you must know that the candlepin bowling ball is smaller and does not have holes for fingers as compared to the tenpin bowling ball.

So, it is a little bit tricky to select a ball because it directly impacts the speed and spinning of the ball. It’s common sense. We all know that heavy objects travel faster than lighter ones and show more spinning.

In the same case with the candlepin ball, the heavier ones are more effective than the lighter ones, but it does not mean you can exceed the limit. The weight of the ball must be 2 pounds 3 ounces and it can exceed 2 pounds and 7 ounces.

The ball should not be less than 2.3 pounds or more than 2.7 pounds. The weight of the ball also affects its momentum. The lower one produces less, and the heavier one produces more momentum.

You can utilize the ball of different weights depending on your capacity. It means that if you can not lift more weight, then you can adjust your gaming capability according to that. But you do not need to worry because I will help you select the right ideal weight ball, even if you are a beginner or a kid.

If you want to learn more about what weight bowling ball you should i use, we wrote a full article about it here.

What should be the weight of a candlepin ball for a kid?

The first purpose of any game is to make players happy or feel comfortable. Gaming is very necessary for children as it boosts their energy and makes them active, but the main thing in gaming is to make them comfortable.

The ball’s weight should be according to the comfort, energy, and strength to lift the weight. As children do not have a lot of capacity so, the ball weight should be the lowest it can be, 2.2 pounds. But you should ask them about their capability and comfort.

Once they feel comfortable, they can spend a lot of time gaming. So, weight is the most important factor in candlepin bowling. But the weight of a candlepin bowling ball can’t be less than 2.2 pounds, even for children, otherwise they would be considered unprofessional.

What should be the weight of a candlepin ball for a beginner?

If you are a beginner or recently started gaming, you should use the lower-weight ball because if you use a heavy ball initially, it won’t help you at doing your best. Because at first, you will not be comfortable lifting heavy weights, so make yourself comfortable while practicing.

If you are uncomfortable and do not know how to play with a lighter ball, how could you play with a heavier one while being uncomfortable? So, you should learn to play with the lightest or lowest-weight ball first. The lowest weight in candlepin bowling is 2.3 pounds.

In the beginning, use the lowest-weight ball, and then, after some practice, you can switch to the heavier ball, which must be 2.4 or 2.5 pounds. When you are the best or even good at it, then you can use the heaviest ball of weight, 2.7 pounds.

You can learn a lot by practicing from the lowest level to the highest one. Your comfort must choose a ball of the right weight.

What Should Be the Weight of A Candlepin Ball if The Player Is Professional?

The candlepin ball weight may vary according to the capacity of the player. If the player is professional, they can lift more than enough weight because of their practice and training. The candlepin ball weight could be 3 pounds for a professional, but if it exceeds 3 pounds, it is considered unprofessional.

A professional doesn’t need to use a heavier ball, they can choose it according to their capability, liking, and strength. Some professionals use lighter balls because they have a grip on their shots, and some with good throws use heavy balls.

But remember one thing the ball should not be under 2.3 pounds or exceed 3.12 pounds; otherwise, it is not considered candlepin bowling. If you are a professional, it is all a game of practice and more practice.

By doing more practice, they become best at lifting the ball of any weight. But some professionals find their comfort in a ball of specific weight, either lighter or heavier. They set an ideal weight ball for themselves, which must be 2.3 pounds or 3.12 pounds.

What Should Be the Weight of A Candlepin Ball for A Woman?

The candlepin bowling ball may have different weights depending on the player’s strength. As we know, women are not supposed to lift heavy weights because of their strength. As far as candlepin bowling is concerned, these balls are small and have low weight but yeah! It could be more difficult than other bowling games.

So, in this case women will not feel difficulty in lifting the ball even of the highest weight 2.7 pounds which is considered to be normal to some extent in this game. So, the main point is that the balls in candlepin bowling don’t have much weight that can’t be bearable to a woman, but they can choose it according to their gaming.

Because the selection of the ball is the main factor in playing this game just because of throughs and control over speed of the ball, first of all, women should know their throughs and power, then she can select the ball of ideal weight.

A woman doesn’t need to lift a lighter-weight ball every time, but she should with a lighter one, and then she can switch to a heavy ball by practicing.

What Should Be the Weight of A Candlepin Bowling Ball if The Player Is a Man?

We have discussed every category and type of player, and now it’s turn for men. In a very general review, I am telling you that men are considered to be very strong. So, it is not significant for them to lift heavy weights.

But some men are supposed to play with lighter weight as I said before according to their strength and practice. Because it is a game of momentum, and lighter balls have less momentum.

So, it is a little bit difficult to knock down all the pins with a lighter one. But if you have control on your throughs, spinning and velocity of the ball, then you can do your best. You should know your capability, throughs, and power to lift a ball first.

After that, you can show your best in the game. It is very easy for a man to lift a heavy ball and knock out all the pins. According to an analysis, heavy balls knock down more pins than lighter ones.

If you can’t have the capacity to have a heavier ball at first, you can start with the lighter-weight ball. You can do your best as a spinner by choosing the lighter one. When you see that your gaming is pro, then you can use heavy weight balls.


This article discussed “What should be the ideal weight of a candlepin bowling ball for different players?” Because everyone is not capable of lifting light or heavy weights and doesn’t have equal strength. So, the weight of a candlepin bowling ball would be different for players with different capabilities.

As we know, children have less strength so they can use a lightweight ball, but at the same time the professionals and men use heavy weight balls for the same purpose to knock down the pins.

Candlepin bowling is tougher than ten because the ball size is smaller, they have no holes to adjust fingers on them, and the pins are thinner. You need some techniques and practice to be the best player.

The weight of the balls keeps changing according to the player. A professional can use a maximum of 3.12 pounds, this would be 2.7 or 3 pounds for a man and 2.7 pounds for a woman. But the weight of the lighter ball remains constant at 2.3 pounds in all cases. But children can also have 2.2 pounds.

The more or fewer weights expect these make you unprofessional. But the main thing on which all these depend is practice and knowing your worth and power. The more practice you do, the better player you are.


How much do candlepin bowling pins weigh?

A candlepin’s pin has approximately equal weight to a bowling ball. Each pin contains a maximum weight of 2 pounds and 8 ounces. Each pin is of similar weight to the candlepin bowling ball.

What are the sizes of candlepin bowling balls?

The candlepin bowling ball has a diameter of 4.5 inches and weight of 2.7 pounds. As in duckpins, three balls are thrown in a frame but the knocked down pins are not replaced until the frame is finished.

Has anyone ever bowled a perfect candlepin game?

Candlepin has never had a perfect game, unlike the other kinds of bowling; the highest certified score in the game is 245. You should try candlepin bowling if you ever have the chance, but don’t count on scoring as well as you do in the other kinds of game.

Is it better to use a heavier or lighter bowling ball?

The driving and hitting forces and the actions of pins are correlated with the ball’s weight. The heavier the ball is, the more driving and hitting forces are produced with the more actions of pins. The lighter the ball is, there are more chances of deflection. The fact that bowling ball manufacturers allegedly produced three 16 pounds of balls for every 15 pounds ball during the 1980s and 1990s should not be shocking.

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