How Much Does A Bowling Pin Weigh - Standard Measurement and Facts

How Much Does A Bowling Pin Weigh – Standard Measurement and Facts

If you are an admirer of tenpin bowling or any other rolling game, you are aware of the fact that these pins might be both your good friends and your biggest foes. Once in a while it feels like all bowling are intended to drop when you’re in a groove at your native bowling alley.

Sometimes, even the hefty bowling ball you can pitch is no hits for the disappointing game at hand. The better you understand the game, the best you’ll perform. So, lets enter upon the basics.

How Much Do Bowling Pins Weigh

As a matter of fact, the weight of a bowling pin varies from match to match and by all means, the best known bowling games is none other than ten-pin bowling.

And, in there are accurate pin detailed description that include the base width, the estimate shape, the weight and the exact weight percentage for standard bowling pins.

According to USBC (A Sports Membership Association in US) a conventional weight of a bowling pin is at least 3 pounds and 6ounces or 1.5 kg and barely 3 pounds and 10 ounces or 1.5 kg.

These directions are controlled by World Bowling previously named as World Tenpin Bowling Association. In other terms, both the association leave very little flexibility for the bowling pin makers during the manufacturing process.

What are the Classes and Weight of a bowling pin?

There are several different classes of bowling games played around the world. Despite that, merely 3-4 types of bowling are commonly and generally played.
Let’s talk about the weight of different types of bowling pins.

Five-Pin and Ten-Pin

If we talk about ten-pin then these are expanded in size weighty and are used in most general type of bowling called as ten-pin bowling. On the other hand, pins in the five pin are smaller and they are lesser in weight than that of tenpins.

Weight and Magnitude

The weight of five pin bowling is precisely 2 pounds and 2 ounce. In respect of ten pin bowling each of the pin weighs around 3.2-3.5 lb, which corresponds to about 1.5kg. This is the mean size of bowling pins that you will definitely find in any proficient games.

The standard ten pin bowling pins are positioned at the end of the lane on on the pin level which comes with the regular dimension of 15 inches length. The surface width of these pins is 2 inches, while the comprehensive diameter is 4.7 inches.

These are just a little bit shorter than candlepins; yet larger in front of duckpins.


These are equally large in size as compared to tenpin bowling pins.

Weight and Magnitude

Despite that, in the context of weight, these pins are somehow little bit lighter in contrast to tenpin bowling pins, analyzing only around 2.4 pounds or about 1.1 kg. Moreover, the use of deadwood in making candlepin makes bowling different and extra ordinary from other types of bowling.

These pins are normally smoother and consistent in shape as compared to ten pin bowling. In terms of surface width, the dimension is 2.1 inches while the general diameter is 2.9 inches. If we talk about length, then these pins are slightly bigger and falls around at 15.75 inches.


These pins are proportionately more small in size, and are utilized in the bowling type called as duckpins bowling, where the size of bowling ball is small fits entirely in a single hand.

Weight and Magnitude

Individually, duckpins’s weight in a pile is about 1.5 pounds or 0.68kgs. This is the reason these pins are more diminutive and can easily fit in an individual’s hand. Duckpins are also called as the smaller edition of regulation tenpin bowling pins.

In terms of length, these are normally shorter introducing at around 9.4 inches each, while in terms of width, the surface diameter is 1.3 inches. Whereas, the entire width is 4.1 inches which is relatively less extensive than the tenpin bowling.

Bowling pin varieties utilized by PBA

Now if we talk about the types of pin that are frequently utilized in game then there are 3 in numbers. Let’s discuss those varieties briefly.

The first one is known as Vulcan Vultex 2. this type is famous with most of the bowling places. They usually approves it’s framework and that is composed of casting that has surlyn covering which makes it looks heavy duty and tough product. Despite the fact that it can be one of the leading pins to invest.

The second one is known as the Brunswick PBA gold pin. It usually weighs around 3 pounds ten ounces and also known as much heavier than the standard pin. It illustrates a coloured logo of PBA in the view of the fact that these pins are regulated by PBA and are only used in tournaments set by The organization itself.

Outlay/Expenditure of bowling pin

For the most part, contemporary bowling pin cost roughly $170, but it relies on the type of stuff the bowling pins are actually composed of. The pins that are synthetic or man-made are reviewed as the highest- priced, and a frame of man-made pins are centered around $195.

In addition to it, if you are looking for second hand bowling pins, you can easily discover a right set of bowling for about $100. A pack of 10 hand- made bowling pins will cost you about $180 contingent upon where you buy them from.

For how long does Bowling Pin hold up or lasts?

Bowling pins on the whole usually gets displaced after a year or two. The use of maple wood in bowling pins make them identically a convenient choice. Mostly, the band on pins wear off within the duration of 6 and 16 months based on how often a player strike.

Do Bowling Pins rupture or wear out?

The answer is absolutely yes, as a matter of fact it is very normal for a bowling pin to wear out or break. They frequently do, particularly at well known bowling alleys. These are composed of wood and plastic despite the fact that balls striking them do not have penetrating sides, they strike frequently and on constant basis.

Ultimate Thoughts

Bowling pins can endure all the repulsive strikes from bowling balls on account of material they are composed of. It actually faces a lot of hits.

You can get your rage out on someone by throwing ball at them and they merely have to swallow the pill and what worse by far is that people don’t comprehend how carefully the pins are authorized and regulated.

Hard rock maple is extensively lasting material and has stayed the principal composition of bowling pin for over 200 years.

An authorized bowling pin will be evaluated as 3 pounds and 6 ounces. However, you can find other option sin the market but they will be in in between the weight that is regulated already.


What is considerable weight of bowling pins?

Based on the stuff and size of each pin, it usually weighs around 16 ponds 6 ounces. Typically, a metal pin with with a support of metal will definitely be heavier than the one with plastic support. A weight guideline is being provided when buying a custom made bowling pins.

How many ounces are there in a regulated single bowling pin?

A regulated bowling pin weigh 3 ponds and 6 ounces as a minimum which makes 54 ounces in total and 3 ponds and 10 ounces as a maximum which makes 58 ounces in total.

What bowling pins does the PBA make use of?

I assume the PBA now practices a pins that are 3lb ans 6oz. Formerly, the gold pins were declared as the ones having maximum weight, and so were far more difficult to sustain.

What is the most heavy bowling ball permitted?

All I can say is there’s no particular one weight is reported that answers the question precisely. The highest permissible weight for a bowling is somewhere around 7.28kgs (16 pounds).

What is the height of a bowling pin?

The standard measurement of a bowling pin that is regulated by USBC includes a comprehensive diameter of 121mm (4.75”), a surface width of 51.6mm (2.03”) and a universal height of 38cm (15”).

What weight do proficient players fling?

Great number of players are flinging nearby 15 ponds, with 16 pounds followed by 14 pounds equipment.

Does bowling pin weight makes any difference?

The answer is probably Yes! Because if it does not drop into mandatory weight range, then it could cast off the the whole group of ten pins in the course of game.

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