How Much Does it Cost to Drill a Bowling Ball

How Much Does it Cost to Drill a Bowling Ball?

Many bowlers begin their journey as beginners, and Sometimes people are unaware of the expense of bowling balls.

However, when ordering a bowling ball online or purchasing one from a local store, the balls come without pre-drilled holes, necessitating an additional expense for drilling. So must be Curious that how much it will cost to drill a bowling ball.

In comparison, it depends entirely on the drilling service provided; the average or total cost of boring a hole in a bowling ball ranges from $15 to $50.

Every player is different in the bowling game. Even if you and your companion purchase a ball of almost the same size and model, you should have an uncommon drilling configuration on the basis of your different PAPs.

The connection of the pin to the PAP is normally divergent for everyone, and if you are willing to get the peak performance from your bowling ball, you should get it punched for yourself.

Things will only get easier if you understand your PAP and the action you want on your ball.

Bowling Ball Drilling

Bowling ball drilling is a process or a profession that needs a drill to generate holes in a bowling ball.The basic gadget for this process is a drill, which might be hand operated or remotely operated.

The method requires a hammer to crush the dry surface and implant the boring tool into the material. It is also known as hydraulic shattering and involves surging fluid under great strain down a borehole and at the back of boring tool.

This ultimately offers enough power to make it simpler for the bit to get across the hard surface like sandstone or clastic rocks. Bowling drilling is a kind of navigational drilling in such a way that pressure rotates the drilling hole on its end.

What is the Finest Approach to Drilling a Hole in a Bowling Ball?

Some useful steps to drill a hole in a bowling ball are as follows:

First of all, choose a ball that is perfect for you according to your body weight and the material of the ball. Select a formation of a hole. Different finger-hole formations will provide various amounts of command and strength. You can have various types of grips by only drilling the holes perfectly.

Measure your reach by calculating the space from the base of your thumb to the exact spot where the fingers you will utilize to grip the ball will fold. Note down those measurements while determining the angle.

Now plant a ball while clipping it tightly in order to make sure that it does not shift during drilling. Mark the ball in a way that pin should be smooth to settle.

Now it’s time to choose the properly sized drill bits to generate smooth holes for fingers and thumb.

A typical drill might cause damage to the ball, use a professional bowling drill instead.
For this, drill the thumb holes first to avoid an error while drilling it smoothly at your pointed angle. Then, replace the bits and bore the finger holes.

The last and final step involves, switching the drill head with the sanding fixture and sand the core of holes until they are fluent and our fingers sneak in and out handily.

How much does it usually costs to drill a bowling ball?

Building a bowling ball personally can be economical, but it can be unsafe without proper equipment and information.

The mean expense of proficient bowling ball drilling is decided by different factors, containing your position, who carries out the process of drilling, and a certain work required.

In contrast, the average or mean cost of boring a hole in a bowling ball lies somewhere around $15 to $50, totally depending on the type of drilling service that is being provided.

It’s also crucial to factor in shipment cost only if you’re purchasing it online. Despite that, we suggest getting your ball drilled through available supplier in a person.

Typically, your native pro shop will be able to evaluate the size of your hand and modify the space and hole sizes consequently. They have specialized equipment for this, including thumb stamps, which helps in sizing the fingers accurately.

Different types of boring services are offered. Conventional drilling facility, which supply holes on the basis of their depth and space from each other, are without any doubt the most economical drilling experience.

Additionally, most of the sport shops offer two outstanding drilling services that are usually definitely suggested but are little more costly and these are for fingertip grip and typical grip.

The standard grip is designed for intense holes to adjust fingers up until the second joint. The cost is little more in typical grip, usually double of standard grip.

Moreover, there is an expense for the fingertip grip which comprehends the full finger. Many players thinks that it serves the best grip and accuracy. The cost of it lies somewhat not more than three times the expense of standard grip.

Cost to put holes in a Bowling Ball

Generally, the cost of drills or holes for typical bowling ball is $1. As a rule, drilling cost standard holes can fluctuate somewhere from $30 to $50 providing a standard design of drills using an average for the space and dimensions.

Types of Drilling Services and Cost

Normally, there are two kinds of drilling that you might get from your native sport good shop.

  • Standard drilling service
  • Formal drilling service

Standard drilling services are usually suggested for the nonprofessional players who have acquired their own ball.

Standard drilling can reach anywhere from $25 to $$50 providing a standard structure of the holes while utilizing the average for distance and hole dimensions.

With this drilling, the dimensions are all based on average, it might not fit properly. You are required to do little alterations to the hole dimensions to have a better fit.

Custom or Formal drilling services are suggested for the bowlers are more into the game or are usually advanced players as compared to the recreational bowlers.

The cost of formal drilling lies somewhere between $50 to $70. For this cost, you’ll commonly get the fitting of finger while inserting inside the molds.

How much does it cost to drill for Beginners and Proficient Bowlers?

For amateurs, the fact is that you might not find the worth in drilling your ball especially if you are purchasing a plastic ball (basic level balls).

You might perceive that the expense of drilling the holes may surpass the cost of your bowling ball. While you purchase your ball with the pre-drilled preference, most brands will not charge you extra money.

Still, if you’re looking for perfect grip, you’re then required to spend extra dollars. The cost of a plastic bowling ball ranges around $40 to $70 and drilling can cost you almost the same.

On the other hand, advanced and proficient bowlers will desire to have custom made holes bored on their bowling ball. Such is the case, as proficient players want to have a better grip to maximize and improve their command on ball.

The cost of ball always depends on the quality of it. On the cheapest outlook on range, you might find some brands provide drilling services at the lowest possible range of $20 and as high as $70.

What are the gains of drilling your own bowling ball?

Generally, there are two advantages of drilling your own bowling ball, one is modifying according to your fingertips also called as customization and the other is you can have a perfect command on your game which ultimately leads to success.

Like purchasing a common bowling ball, conventional drilled bowling ball suits your hand completely. Buying a new ball and employing custom made drilling service enhance your game’s precision. One shall never forget to budget for anyhow vital drilling services when deciding the expense of a new bowling ball.

Possessing a particular new ball lets you take command of your game. Drilling and personalizing your ball are equivalent to buying an embroidered shirt, all of this considerably more costly to rent. Buying a ball that suit your hand perfectly can help stand it anymore.

On average, bowling balls normally last longs at a maximum level of 200-300 games if maintained correctly.

How long will drilling a bowling ball take?

If you’ve never even operated a drilling of ball before, they are expected to ask you to take dimensions and then get ready for a drill. Drilling may take approximately 30-40 minutes contingent on just in case you have already taken dimensions.

Drilling a bowling ball is a good thought as you’ll be in a position to acquire more command of the ball when you know the ropes.

How much does it Cost to Fix and Re drill a Bowling Ball?

If we talk about surface modification, it generally costs around $10. For the most part, there is normally no charge, only if they offer discount based on their consumer service. If you’re talking about repainting the surface, it costs around $30.

After implementing all of these expenses, it would generally cost over and above $100 for resetting or relocation. While making a choice, you should consider the state of the baseball only if you are purchasing a second-hand ball from another bowler.

Types of Drill Bits and Sizes

A standard or exceptional drill bit can be classified by types as countersink bit, level ground boring, twist bit, counter bore and specialty bits. We can further categorize them as drill bits and bits from standard pitch – applied with power drill or drill stand.

However, it is feasible to pick from 100 (the smallest size) to 400 (the largest size of drill bit) different sizes of drill bit measure along with letter A to Z. A twist drill of 11M standard identifies sizes as small as a 97, but those less than 80 are not reviewed as hardest drills.

What are the additional charges and how to save them?

As it is acknowledged earlier, the drilling process is a fragile one and needs some kind of safety. There is always a chance that a ball gets fractured while drilling because of the stuff it is based on. You can sidestep any scratch to the ball through drilling precaution.

This favor is not always incorporated in the drilling expense and the least possible cost at most stores is around $8 and $15.

The perfect path to economize the cost on bowling ball drilling is by getting the balls from the exact store where you have them bored as they might provide this service free of cost.

Concluding Words

A genuine bowling freak doesn’t play with a ball that is ill at ease. They know the worth of well-conditioned gripping holes and brainy drilling configurations that help a player control their game.

It is very obvious that there stacks of advantages of making your own bowling balls drilled, both in awareness of performance and customization of game. There are few modifications you can apply that enhance your abilities and benefit your game.


How long will drilling a bowling ball take?

In my opinion, it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes only in case you have no diversions and good drilling gear.

What are the bowling balls with maximum hook potential?

Some of these are as follows:
Hammer Obsession
Storm Parallax
Brunswick Zenith

Can we buy pre drilled bowling ball?

It depends on the time of buying a bowling ball, when buying it for the first time, it will normally show up without holes in it(it is also imaginable to purchase a ball with holes).

Which ball usually hooks maximum?

For the most part, heavier bowling balls hook more as compared to the lighter bowling balls. It is quite feasible to make a maximum hook while increasing the weight.

What is the exact meaning of drill in a bowling ball?

As soon as the mold stiffens, the pin is detached, deserting a small hole that must be packed. The position of the holes to be drilled, with respect to the pin, is actually what makes the ball conduct differently.

How often can you drill a bowling ball?

It normally depends on the quality of ball that is being drilled. Some equipment is drilled multiple times i.e. 4th or 5th time in a row. Consequently, you can drill your bowling ball as often as you want.

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