Bowling Coach Certification

Bowling Coach Certification

If you are a bowling freak with various tributes and skill set of bowling accomplishment, you can turn into a bowling coach and transfer your enthusiasm into a career. All you are required to do is practice becoming a coach directly with the USBC. You will then need to register yourself in the Coaching Certification Program of USBC. In this process, you will get your functionary coaching documentation while advancing towards various levels.

If you are looking for more insights on how to become a bowling coach, you have reached the right place. In this guide, I will try to answer all the queries related to the bowling coach certification. I will cover a brief explanation on the certification program of USBC, how you can initiate your career in bowling as a coach and various levels of coach certification in bowling. All you need to do is to give this guide a decent read until the end.

How to Become an Authorized Bowling Coach

Progressing through different levels of bowling coach presently, where bowling is more frequently reviewed as a sport of recreation than a career, can be difficult enough. However, there are considerable number of professional opportunities that virtuous bowling coaches can have. For this reason, if you have the right proficiency, you should think about becoming an authorized bowling coach. But what is the right approach to accomplish that? Well, for beginners, you are going to need the certification of the game’s official leading body, which in such a situation is the USBC.

USBC Coaching Certification Policy

The USBC training certification curriculum is the authorized certification program which is controlled by the USBC and its development department. Till now it has been the only certification platform acknowledged by the US Olympic Committee. It mainly emphasizes giving bowling training and chances with all the materials needed for their development and experience.

This allows players to practice for the bowling certification to understand the important skills to opt it as a career of coaches in bowling. It also instills bowlers to make a strong connection with the owners of pro shops, sponsors and proprietors. These are all the major components that make the Coaching Certification platform a very useful one in order to choose it as a profession and is ruled by USBC.

Enrolled Volunteer Program

A new brief in the USBC coaching program is that all the bowling training nominees are needed to enroll themselves in the documented program for the volunteers to be considered for the chance of obtaining their certifications. The RVP has turned into partner of needs for obtaining the USBC certifications. Coaches are required to get themselves enrolled before the period of their certification is over to make themselves certified. Consequently, you need to make sure that you recall this essential precondition before you practice for the training certification of the certification program ruled by the USBC.

Grades of Certification

The training certification program by USBC gives bowling training candidates a chain of certifications to flourish with their training careers. These certifications provide a series of skills, information and a range of training options better than the former one. So, let’s have a brief look at them.

Grade 1

The grade 1 USBC certification program is where you understand the basics of coaching. Here is a preference of what you are going to find out in this grade:

  • Function and Duties
  • Advancement of Skills
  • Strikes and Spares
  • Maintaining Score
  • Keeping a healthy training environment

To attain the certification, you are required to take the Grade 1 test. This test might cost you around $49. Note that the candidate will not get the certification if he or she is not a member of RVP.

Bronze – Grade 2

A coach will be instructed with intercessional training skills, bowling theory and expertise in the Bronze Grade Certification. This certification is normally signified for high school level trainers.
Following are the components that you will discover at this grade:

  • Coaching Theories
  • Lane Order
  • Video inspection and recording
  • Ball movement dynamics
  • Mental Reinforcement
  • Bowling Ball Elements

The bronze certification is a level greater as compared to the Grade 1 certification, to attain this grade test, you are required to pay around $290, comprising of all the materials.

Silver – Grade 3

The third grade in USBC training certification is the silver certification. This grade instills bowling trainers about enhancing their level of proficiency and skills to the next level. This grade is ideal for academicals-level candidates. Let’s have a brief look at what a player will get from this grade:

  • Physical Sport Modifications
  • Broadening Player’s Plan in competitor’s
  • Progressive Mind Game Concepts
  • Video Recording
  • Comparing Ball surfaces with the conditions of lane

To find out all the material needed to pass this grade and attain the e-test of this grade certification, it will cost you around $465. You will get this certification only if you pass this test.

Gold – Grade 4

The top level of certification that you can have through the Certification program by USBC is gold grade. This grade wants you to summarize and practice all the requirements that are mentioned in the guidebook of USBC training program. This grade is somehow like attaining a Ph.D. in a respective field. You will then be capable of becoming a trainer at the highest proficient level with the use of this certification. Following are the elements that you will acknowledge at this grade:

  • Carry out lessons and class for bowlers
  • Improve players skills at different levels
  • Calculation by the final analysis board
  • Experience of all conceptual and practical skills of bowling

To buy this guidebook of gold level, you are required to invest $20. Additionally, the last review session or test of this grade needs you to pay around $800 to clear and have the original certification.

What is the Standard Income of a USBC Authorized Bowling Coach

Another important question that a lot of bowling trainers are curious about is what the standard income of a USBC authorized bowling coach is and if they can utilize it as a full-time profession for themselves. Well, from my perspective, grounding on the standard of certification, a player can anticipate various averages relating to the annual income for the bowling coaches in different areas.

For instance, let us assume you are planning to become a bowler at your high school standard with the bronze standard certificate, then you are going to have a standard income of around $35,000-40,000, which is more than enough.

But you cannot rely on this source only, rather you should pursue other means of earning as well, although you can continue it as a hobby. The standard income of a USBC authorized bowling coach who’s having a gold standard certification is almost around $75,000, and I guess it’s an ideal package. Most of the trainers might get more than this. It only depends on the skill and qualification of a certified coach.

What is an Ideal Age to Request for Coaching Certifications of USBC?

At every standard of certification in the coaching certification program by USBC needs you to be a definite age before having a test. The following are the age limitations for different standards of coaching in bowling:

For 1st Standard

You can only become a first standard bowling coach if you are 13. You require to be a pre-requisite to attaining the 1st standard verification analysis is 13.

For 2nd Standard-Bronze

For attaining the bronze or 2nd standard certification and its trial, you are required to be 16 years old at least and you are also required to have the certification of the level 1.

For 3rd Standard-Silver

If you are willing to have 3rd Standard trial and get it, you also need to be no less than 18 years old. You are also required to have the former certification level with you.

For 4th Standard-Gold

After reaching the standard age of 18, you can now apply for this gold standard at any other level. It doesn’t matter if the bowler is not having a silver standard authentication, he can have it by practicing it in routine utilizing the gold guidebook.

How to Initiate Your Profession as a Bowling Coach

This most crucial question that I have heard a lot is how to initiate your profession as a bowling coach once you are an authorized trainer from the USBC training program? Generally, it is not as hard as you would consider. You might anticipate to get a highly paid coaching job from the start, however that it not what you should exactly expect. Once your certification is done, you will only get your expected job gradually.

I have seen many entry level bowling coaches who initiate their profession by just offering their coaching services to people they already know. You can even initiate by teaching your family members, friends, children and relatives for at low prices or almost for free. After progressing, you can then get better certification and attain a higher level proficient training job that you can follow as a career.

Final Considerations

Instructing bowling to the teenage player and bowling freaks can be a useful career, specifically if you are enthusiast about this game and have a different talent. It might not be the top paying average, however it is an ideal choice if you are searching for extra work to earn some additional money. In this article, I have covered the ways to become a bowling coach contingent on your proficiency level and age. I hope you are well-informed now after reading this article and also you will have a good time becoming a bowling trainer.


How to search for a good bowling coach?

One verified approach determining how to search for a bowling coach is by spoken communication. Simply inquire about training with your league mates, players in your league or even in the bowling sport shop.

How many gold coaches by USBC are there?

The method of becoming a Gold coach through USBC, the top level that can be attained through the USBC program is equal to getting a doctorate in the area of study. Somoff and Dias are known as energetic gold coaches.

How to become a bronze coach in bowling?

To have the bronze course of USBC, players are required to complete the standard 1 certification. A bronze standard is middle level coaching framed to enhance training proficiency.

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