Top Bowling Ball Brands - Find Your Perfect Gear for the Lanes

Top Bowling Ball Brands – Find Your Perfect Gear for the Lanes

If you are searching for bowling equipment, there are significant benefits to choosing the leading ones. The balls are usually of different masses, shapes, and sizes. Keeping a ball for yourself is excellent because you can personalize your bowling experience while ignoring the lane state to help raise your mean score in a good way.

Bowling is a kind of sport that many people uses to make connections with their families or colleagues. It’s not important who you are, but it always seems interesting to look at a bowling ball heading down the lane that generates an unexplainable level of thrill. There are several kinds of bowling balls, some more exemplary for amateurs, some better for different types of players, and some can be good for practically every bowler.

In this piece of writing, we will provide you with a detail of bowling ball industrialists who are top-of-the-range. Along with that, we will try to address the significant element you should consider when purchasing a new bowling ball.

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Checklist of Bowling Ball Brands

There are a number of bowling ball brands out there to make choice from. Most of the time it’s confusing to search out everything available in the market. To make a little contribution in alleviating your life, we have carefully selected a list of almost all brands so that you can have smooth options to search out.


The Brunswick trademark originated a long time ago. This brand presents a vast product line of bowling balls, accessories, apparel, shoes and other playing equipment. This organization is an immense player in the manufacturing of bowling balls specifically.

They generally renders articles for almost all type of players starting from initial level to professional bowlers and are having bowling balls for all categories of lane conditions. They possess a huge folder of trademarks they attained over the years.

The organization initiated it’s operation back in 1845 as a billiard trademark and then jumped into bowling manufacturing roughly around 1880s. They arranged the first ABC (American Bowling Congress) while regulating the rules of bowling game. The term Brunswick equivalent to the background of modern bowling.

There are many other brands that falls under the banner of Brunswick Trademark. Some of these are listed below:

  • Brunswick Rhino
  • Brunswick T-Zone Deep Space
  • Brunswick Flame Viz A Ball Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick Lizard Glow Viz A Ball Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick T-Zone Blaze
  • Brunswick Melee Jab Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick Indigo Swirl
  • Brunswick Vintage Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick Vintage Inferno

Currently, brand is belonged to BlueArc Capital Management who has already owned Ebonite and it’s entire bowling articles brands in 2019.

BlueArc build these bowling balls in accordance with the Brunswick, Ebonite, Radical, Columbia 300, Hammer and Ultimate.

These balls are designated to serve all the players of different proficiency levels.

If you’re interested in buying a bowling ball, occasionally you might not simply want a perfect ball, but you may also need a ball with attractive features. The Brunswick T-Zone is not just attractive to gaze at but has excellent endurance. It is one of the finest freshman ball framed to have greater precision for all level of players. This ball is exceptionally sound on dry bowling lanes.

When making a purchase, it is pleased to hear that ball with a considerable number is consecutive and are powerful reactive balls.

It is a fabric ball with lead plant finish weight block. It costs around 65 dollars.


Storm is originally an American organization producing and marketing Bowling balls. They additionally provide Storm shoes, bags, clothing, balls and other accessories. The brand was established in 1985 and owned by Bill and Barabara Chrisman where they presented bowling ball filters called as high score products.

In due course, they introduced themselves in the business of high geared bowling ball production and the merchandise for the brand took off. The company’s headquarter is situated in Utah.

On top of it’s widely renowned product line of different articles, they also possess other brands under their trademark and those are 900 Global, Roto Grip and 3G Shoes.

The company’s vision is quite unique which states to be a groundbreaking head in the bowling business concerned with growth, education and performance.

The company is recognized for holding broad range of articles, supplying invention in the field, having a strong contribution of products for amateurs, neutrals and professionals. As a matter of fact, the company offers one of the most famous beginner bowling ball.

Storm possess a wide variety of other bowling balls, some of those are as follows:

  • Storm Mix Bowling Ball
  • Storm pitch black
  • Storm ice
  • Storm Timeless Bowling Ball
  • Storm Sure Lock
  • Storm Soniq
  • Storm Pro Motion
  • Storm Astrophysix Bowling Ball


The Hammer company is a part of the bowling brand trademark come under the ownership and possession of BlueArc Capital Management who acquired Brunswick bowling merchandise.
The brand was associated with Faball corporations generated a second urethane ball after Storm in the retail branded as Hammer.
They has grown and got fame as they put their trademark on the side of the bowling ball. The company’s headquarter is situated in Michigan.

Hammer possess a wide variety of bowling balls that falls under it’s brand name. Some of these are:

  • Statement Solid
  • The Sauce Bowling Ball
  • Web Tour
  • Statement Pearl
  • Hammer Black Widow
  • Hammer Ruthless
  • Purple Pearl Bowling Ball


Ebonite is a widely known trademark in bowling industry. Similar to Brunswick, it has been in this industry for a considerable time. They originally initiated their business in 1905 and have developed the game in recent years. They trade in balls housing all varieties of bowling player expertise and for arid to heavy oil lanes.

The company was obtained by Brunswick Bowling Product in 2019. Presently, beneath the absolute power of BlueArc Capital Management, the company extends to trade and sell bowling balls following the trademarks Hammer, Ebonite, Columbia and Track. The company’s headquarter is situated in Michigan.

Some of the major type of Ebonite balls are:

  • Maxim Night Sky
  • Ebonite Aero Dynamix
  • Omni Bowling Ball
  • Impact Bowling Ball
  • Choice Bowling Ball
  • Destiny Bowling Ball

Ebonite Maxim Sky is an excellent option, if you’re looking for a bowling for the first time. There are various elements that you consider when looking for a good bowling ball. You are compelled to be assured that your ball can drive in a direct line, looks excellent and has enormous power. It is comparitively new ball in the shops.

Ebonite is one of the good ductile ball in the shops. It comes with bullet centre and the ball execution is indicated as spare balls. It generally costs around 64 USD and is reasonable with extensive features.


Pyramid is kind of new brand in the market. It started it’s operation recently in 2011 but ultimately has ascended in fame. They initiated manufacturing bowling balls and distended in performance bags, shoes, balls and other articles.

The brand presents bowling shoes, balls, bags and other accessories following the other popular bowling companies.

It offers other bowling balls under it’s flagship which are as follows:

  • Path Rising
  • Pathogen Plague Pearl
  • Curse Bowling Ball
  • Antidote Bowling Ball
  • Clear Skull
  • Chosen Path Pearl
  • Pathogen Blue Dot

This ball comes in many numerous colors. Path manufactures some of the finest balls in the shops. It typically comes with various characteristics that are good for amateurs, intermediate and proficient players.

One of the defined characteristics of this ball are balanced center, a reactive cover stock, flexible drilling possibilities for various bowling patterns and wonderful scale rating. It is known for it’s adjustable ball movement and it is perfect for all lane surfaces.

It normally weighs around 15 pounds but if you’re looking for lighter balls you can look on the other options of the company’s creations.

Searching for a ball that exactly provides you with the good fingertip hold can be difficult. It’s surface will provide you with the strong hold that you seek. It is designated on the frame of an asymmetric core.

Pathogen provides a manageable arc on the base of lanes. The specifications are formed in a way that it could be anyone’s choice.

It costs somewhere around 10-15 pounds. It’s crucial to understand that it is a modified to the original pathogen and it is far more powerful than the original and can produce an even ball movement across the lane.

Columbia 300

Columbia enterprises is a bowling ball producer with Columbia 300 as their best prominent trademark.

It used to be one of the initial organization back in 1960s, to produce a bowling ball utilizing synthetic resins instead of using rubber.

On this subject, they are reviewed as the innovators of the plastic balls utilized in contemporary bowling. In the beginning of 2000, this bowling industry retained the Dyno-Thane trademarks and gets obtained by Ebonite.

Currently, Brunswick is manufacturing bowling balls for Columbia 300. The balls are manufactured in a factory possessed by BlueArc Capital Management who already owns various trademarks in the same way as DV8, Hammer, Ebonie, Radical, Brunswick and Ultimate.

Company’s headquarter is situated in Michigan. Columbia 300 manufactures various types of bowling balls and some of these are as follows:

  • Savage Life
  • Nitrous Bowling Ball
  • White Dot Lava
  • White Dot Scarlet
  • Lit Pearl

If you are searching for domestic ball, then this white dot scarlet is good bowling ball option for you. It’s weight varies from 5 pounds to 15 pounds. It is ideal for light oiled bowling lanes
Amateurs needs shot oriented ball because as a freshman it might be an exertion at first to manage the ball.

It is framed with a pancake core and laminated with polyester cover stock. It will most probably pinch beginners but is also best for professional bowlers.


Motiv bowling brand constructs various kinds of bowling balls. This organization was accustomed in the 1990s. Ultimately, it diversified into manufacturing the complete bowling ball.

The organization initiated trial and error in 2007 to manufacture premium quality bowling ball not only that but also with a basic difference.

Their radical concept was for bowling ball visuals enabling different color visuals on the cover stock excluding the need of printing.

Here are one of the finest bowling balls manufactured by Motiv:

  • Venom Shock Pearl Bowling Ball
  • Trident Abyss
  • Golden Jackal
  • Venom Cobra
  • Midnight Sniper

Roto Grip

it is a bowling ball trademark and is into the hands of Storm Bowling. It was originally established in 1995. After it’s primary success, the organization initiated losing it’s base in the manufacturing world. After this, Storm owned it in 1997 and the company remained scaling throughout the years.

Roto Grip has it’s product line as follows:

  • Hustle Ink
  • Grip MVP Pearl
  • Grip Nuclear Cell
  • Grip UFO
  • Grip Winner


This bowling ball brand is possessed and managed by Brunswick Bowling Products. One alluring feature of this brand is that it they offer incredible cover stock.

As Brunswick was purchased by BlueArc in 2019, it ultimately falls under the category of vast range of trademarks managed by BlueArc. The headquarter of this organization is situated in Michigan.

Here are some of the bowling balls that are manufactured under the trademark of DV8:

  • Decree Bowling Ball
  • Verge Pearl Bowling Ball
  • Frequency Bowling Ball
  • Glam
  • Warrant
  • Poison Pearl
  • Intimidator


This brand is managed by Brunswick Bowling Companies. You’ll find many trademarks falling under the Brunswick such as Colombia 300, Hammer, DV8, Ultimate, Track and Ebonite.
The company is located in San Antonio, Texas.

The bowling balls manufactured by Radical are as follows:

  • Bonus Bowling Ball
  • Pandemonium Bowling Ball
  • Results Solid
  • Incognito Bowling Ball
  • Astro-Nuts Bowling Ball
  • Zing Pearl
  • Incognito Pearl

900 Global

It is a crucial bowling ball brand and is generated Global Manufacturing of Texas. Storm declared that it has reserved it’s funding in Global in 2019. After that, in 2020, they announced to completely own the Global consequently adding the 900 Global product line in their file.


In 1970, this bowling ball brand was established as Star Track located in Solon, Ohio.
As the years passed, the company was acquired by Colombia who in succession got purchased by Ebonite. In addition to it, Ebonite further got acquired by Brunswick in 2019. Consequently, the Track brand fell in the product line of Brunswick.
Some Track Bowling Balls are:

  • Tactix Hybrid
  • Maco Attack
  • Precision Solid
  • Paradox Red

Highly Rated Bowling Ball Companies

Storm Pitch Black

If we talk about one of the famous Storm Pitch Black, then it’s an ideal choice for the bowlers who want outstanding performance in game. Storm is acknowledged for producing numerous balls for proficient bowlers.

This ball falls under a category of storm’s thunder line. If you have wood lanes and shorter lubricant patterns, this ball is perfect for an exemplary performance.

Storm Pitch Black has some extensive features that can help amateurs like a backplane core, which assist regulate burst potential ; pure consistency at it’s best.

The mass bar on the ball is capacitor core and it has commanded solid urethane-based cover stock which helps in a direct and powerful delivery.

If you’re searching for a direct strike ball this is it. Particularly, as a freshman you require a ball that you won’t have to put effort on, so this is a prominent feature to have. It weighs around 16 pounds and the cost is around 130 USD.

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

If we talk about the best production of Brunswick then it it is Rhino Bowling Ball by Brunswick. This ball shows up with different colors of silver, black and blue. While beauty makes no sense to your technique but it actually does feel nice to have a flashy ball in a bowling alley.

This ball is probably the most inexpensive balls on this record, the initial cost was around 85 USD. This ball will show exceptional performance with a base catch potential. This can be better choice for amateurs and it is perfect for arid conditions.

It has a flexible ball movement that is helpful through different lane circumstances, it is normally an endless dynamic arcing ball.

If you are looking for powerful comprehensive reactions, select a ball with greater numbers. The ball is planned with a globe frame and gives movement and striking pins for higher scores.

As an amateur it is crucial to pick a ball that operates evenly and can help you hit the big time in your initial days of game. This combative ball follows along two years warranty.

Hammer Black Widow

Hammer Black Widow is usually on top of the list. It is one of the most flourishing bowling balls in living memory. It can be a better option for an amateur as it is having sufficient grip to help on average to heavy oil, and an enormous far-reaching constant ball motion that builds a lot of slope and high scores.

The complimenting feature of the ball is respirator core design. Another feature that makes it stronger is that clothed with a carbon consisting of fiber outer body.

The ball weighs around 12-16 pounds and are available in two different colors of black and red.The unequal body also assist the performance of this ball.

It costs around 150 USD with 2 years of warranty.

Hammer Blue Vibe Bowling Ball

Another type of Hammer bowling ball is Blue vibe and is known as one of the enhanced balls in bowling sector. It comes in three different colors and is better choice for initial, intermediate and proficient players.

As explained previously, a vibrant ball gives a good vibe particularly when it is persistent and gives you a high score and multiple strikes.

The frame of it gives a high lift performance and the feature that makes this ball leaps out is the core and endings. The ball employs a strong variation of plastered cover. You can surely be certain that it will generate an even movement when delivered.

It usually weighs around 15-16 pounds and comes at a reasonable price of 95 USD.

Ebonite Aero Dynamix

Another type of ball to consider is Ebonite Aero Dynamix. Looking for right ball can be a dispute, but there is one procedure that can ease your exploration. Searching for a ball from a reliable brand is bit difficult. Ebonite is a trusted brand to consider for an intermediate or above level of bowlers.

It is magnificent in it’s features as it ensures to generate lots of strikes. It is planned with flapjack core. This could be your choice if you’re searching for a straight delivery. This Aero Dynamic is comparatively powerful than the Omni ball and it is one of the most recent balls from the Ebonite company.

Custom-Built Bowling Balls

Purchasing or customizing a bowling ball may sound like child’s play. If you are desperate for bowling, the perfect choice can change things. As an amateur or a professional bowler, you must be about the gear you use can make a big difference.

So, when it comes to purchasing a new bowling ball, it is essential to understand what to look for. Bowling ball usually weighs around 6 to 16 pounds. The balls with comparatively lighter weight are normally framed for kids, and the heavier ones are used by professionals.

When going for a custom-built ball, one should consider the weight according to age and core or symmetry of the bowling ball.

If you are searching for the domestic ball, then this white dot scarlet is a good bowling ball option for you. It’s weight varies from 5 pounds to 15 pounds.It is ideal for light-oiled bowling lanes Amateurs needs shot oriented ball because as a freshman, it might be an exertion at first to manage the ball.

It is framed with a pancake core and laminated with polyester cover stock. It will most probably pinch beginners but is also best for professional bowlers.

Bowling Balls used by Professional Bowlers

According to proficient player statistics, the ball weighs around 16 pounds are normally used by professional players. If we talk about brands, then it only relies on the fact that what brands you are looking for.

There are different top brands ranked by different teams who use their gear completely.

Trademarks such as Brunswick, Storm, 900 Global, Motiv and Ebonite rule the grading.

Concluding Thoughts

The basic rule in searching or choosing a ball is that you get a ball that meets your bowling style and in case you are not aware of your manner, pick up a ball that is suitable for amateurs in anticipation of discovering your bowling style.

As of yet, we have studied a universe of bowling brands and as demonstrated, you’ve got an idea of many different companies with extended records and an original vested interest in the game.

Just remember few things whenever making a purchase. Above all, it would be a critical alternative if you choose an unknown ball. You should go for a ball that is widely known for it’s outstanding features.


What are the total number of bowling ball brands working currently?

Bowling balls are manufactured presently by a small number of companies who construct and sell moderately large number of bowling ball brands. Presently, there are five principal bowling ball companies in the United States.

What is the ideal weight of a bowling ball?

As a common bowling lead, the ideal weight of a bowling ball is approximately 10% of your body mass.

Which bowling ball is least hooking?

A ball with a plastic coverstock is very slick finish and provides a minimal rubbing and consequently has the minimal hook potential

How to select a new bowling ball?

A bowling ball shouldn’t be too massive that it’s uneasy, in fact, it should weigh around 10% of your total body weight

Which balls are used by professional Bowlers?

A simple way to answer this is, just add around two to three pounds to the ball you use casually.

Which bowling ball is considered as a powerful one?

Because of the durable cover stock, the Ebonite Choice is the strongest bowling ball across the lanes yet

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