Who We Are

Bowling Era is an informative website that provides valuable insights, guides, tips, informative blogs, and comprehensive product reviews related to the thrilling world of bowling.

Our Aim

We believe that bowling is not just a recreational activity but a true art form that requires devotion, strategy, and knowledge.

We aim to facilitate a community of bowlers who can learn, grow, and connect through our platform.

We seek to equip bowling fans, including beginners, younger, and adults, with proper directions to lead them to a professional level.

Moreover, we deeply urge promote women bowlers to build up their knowledge, learn all the possibilities available to them, and find thorough guidance.

Types of Information This Site Contains

Informative Blog

Our informative blogs cover a wide range of topics related to bowling. These articles contribute to educating, inspiring, and engaging our readers.

From exploring different bowling styles and strategies to understanding the anatomy of the game, conditions, equipment selection, and maintenance, our blogs provide helpful insights and actionable advice to enhance your bowling experience.

Sources of Information Blog data

a) Experts

We consult with experienced bowlers, coaches, and professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in bowling. Their Wisdom, directions, and methods provide worthwhile information that we share with our audience.

b) Bowling Organizations

We refer to reputable bowling organizations such as the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), and other regional and international bowling associations. These organizations set standards, perform research, and equip us with generous resources that inform our blogs.

c) Critical Studies:

We review relevant scientific studies, magazines, news, and research papers that explore various aspects of bowling, including biomechanics, lane conditions, ball dynamics, and sports psychology. These studies aid us in understanding the sport and present evidence-based information.

d) Published Books and Articles

We draw information from well-regarded books, articles, and publications written by bowling experts, historians, and professionals. These resources offer various perspectives, historical context, and in-depth analyses that enrich our blogs.

e) Interviews and Surveys

We interview bowlers, coaches, and other specialists in the field to gather firsthand knowledge and viewpoints. Additionally, we occasionally conduct surveys to gather data and opinions from the bowling community, which helps us understand trends and priorities.

Review Articles

Our review articles evaluate and provide an in-depth analysis of various bowling-related products.

We understand the importance of choosing the right equipment, such as bowling balls, shoes, bags, and accessories, to enhance your lane performance.

Our review articles deliver comprehensive assessments of these products, considering factors like performance, durability, design, and value for money.

We aim to assist our readers in making informed purchasing decisions by highlighting the pros and cons of each product, comparing different options, and offering recommendations based on their specific needs.

Sources of Review Articles Data

a) Product Testing and Evaluation

We conduct our hands-on testing and evaluation of bowling. Our team of experts rigorously tests the products in various conditions and settings, considering factors. Till now, we have tested over 1000+ products and spent over 4000 hours evaluating a range of bowling products.

b) Customer Reviews and Feedback

We analyze customer reviews and feedback from reputable platforms, including e-commerce websites and bowling forums. This helps us get an idea from actual users of the products that allow us to consider real-world experiences and thoughts.

c) Manufacturer Information

We consult official product documentation, specifications, and information the manufacturers provide. This enables us to accurately understand the product’s technical details, features, and intended usage.

d) Industry Expert Opinions

We seek the opinions and expertise of professionals by meeting one on one, including bowlers, trainers, and equipment specialists. Their point of view helps us gain a broader standpoint and ensure that our reviews are well-informed and comprehensive.

e) Comparative Analysis

We compare different products within the same category, considering their specifications, attributes, pricing, and user feedback. This comparative analysis assists us in highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each product and providing meaningful suggestions to our readers.

Our team

Eric Roan – CEO

Our esteemed CEO is a renowned figure in the bowling world, with 40 years of experience in the field. He has a strong background and deep connection to prestigious bowling organizations like the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), PBA, and various local and international organizations.

Moreover, he has a track of organizing dozens of camps to evaluate, train and motivate thousands of young bowlers and help them achieve their goals as professional bowlers.

His expertise and network within the sports industry inspire us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver helpful information to our readers.

Margaret Patterson – (Contributor + Editor)

We are proud to have a talented and knowledgeable female contributor on our team. She brings a unique perspective to our content with her passion for bowling and 10 years of bowling background in various aspects of the sport.

Her insights cater to female bowlers’ specific needs and experiences, making our platform inclusive and diverse.

Steven Hoffman – (Contributor + Editor)

He adds a dynamic touch to our team. He is a professional bowler with 12 years of adventure in both recreational and competitive settings.

He excels at breaking down complex concepts into easily understandable tips and tricks, guiding bowlers of every level.

How We Assure Quality Information

We pride ourselves on the reliability and accuracy of the content we provide. We have a meticulous process in place to ensure the quality of the information we deliver. Our source of information goes through the following steps:

Data Collection

As discussed above, we gather information from various reliable sources, including reputable bowling organizations, historical studies, and publications, and conduct various surveys.

We also conduct thorough research to ensure we have access to the most up-to-date and relevant data related to bowling techniques, equipment, and trends.

Analysis and Verification

Once the data is collected, our team of experts analyzes and verifies the information. We critically evaluate the credibility of the sources, cross-reference multiple references, and ensure that the information aligns with accepted standards and best practices.


After the analysis and verification stage, we compile the information into comprehensive articles or blog posts. We organize the data logically and coherently to provide our readers with a clear understanding of the topic being discussed.


Our experienced editors review the content to ensure clarity, relevance, and adherence to our high editorial standards. They pay attention to grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and overall readability, making necessary edits and improvements to enhance the article’s quality.


Once the editing process is concluded, we once on to publish the articles on our website. We also ensure that our content is easily accessible and user-friendly and help readers navigate through the website and find the information they seek effortlessly.